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2016 Posters



Monday, October 31, 2016


Data & Collections


MINES at Boston University: Measuring the Impact of Networked Electronic Services

Dan Benedetti and Ellen Frentzen (Boston University)


Going Beyond DDA’s “They Clicked It → We Bought It → Done” Assessing Ebook Use Pre- and Post-Purchase

Nicole Branch, Tina Chrzastowski, and Jessica Harris (Santa Clara University)


Practical Assessment Strategies for Open Access/Educational Resources

Steven Carrico and Michelle Leonard (University of Florida)


On their Terms: Leveraging Biological Taxonomy for a User-Centric Collection Analysis of a Consortial Digital Library

Jacqueline Chapman (Smithsonian Libraries)


Imagine a Gold Open Access World: How Does the Library’s Role in Assessment Change?

Lisa Christian, Misty Jones, Elizabeth D. Dalton, and Carol Tenopir (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Allison Fish (Indiana University, Bloomington)


Collection Assessment in the 21st Century

Karen R. Harker and Janette Klein (University of North Texas)


Showcasing Usage of Library Resources and Services

Ashlynn Kogut (Texas A&M University)


Beyond Usage Data: Evaluating Faculty Perceptions and Behavior to Improve Collection Development Practices

Penny Lochner and Jennifer Jarson (Muhlenberg College)


Assessing SHARE, a Collaborative Open Dataset of Linked Metadata about Scholarly Research Outputs

Linda Plunket (Boston University); Judy Ruttenberg (Association of Research Libraries)


Learning As We Go: A First Year Consortium Assessment

Samantha Rich (New Mexico State University)


Snapshots:  Measures of Interlibrary Loan Effectiveness and Value

Meg Scharf and Kristine Shrauger (University of Central Florida)


Using Circulation Data to Help Implement Course Reserves Relocation

Derek Sisneros (University of California, Davis)


Visualizing Collections: Making Sense of Money and Use

Dolsy Smith (The George Washington University)


Magnificent Assessment! “Measuring a Popular Tablet Loan Project”

Octavious Spruill, Nina Exner, and Stephen Bollinger (North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University)


Measuring Library Support for Institutional Research Endeavors Using a Return-On-Investment Model

Douglas Varner and Jennifer Kluge (Georgetown University Medical Center); Nancy Woelfl (University of Nebraska Medical Center); Jett McCann (Georgetown University Library)


An Analysis of Datasets within Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (IDEALS), the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Repository

Christie Wiley (University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign)



Facilities & Spaces


Eat, Work and Sleep: How Students Use Library Spaces

Zoe Chao and Joseph Salem (Penn State University)


Aligning Evolving User Needs with Static Spaces

Juliann Couture and Gabrielle Wiersma (University of Colorado Boulder)


3rd Place

Using Interactive Visualization to Analyze Space Assessment Data

Maggie Faber (University of Washington)


Let’s Talk about Space:  Assessing Student Space Needs in the Library and Across Campus

Beth Martin, Donna Lanclos, and Rachael Winterling (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)


Re-envisioning a Sustainable Student Centered Info Commons: A Mixed Methods Research Study

Jennifer Masunaga, Nataly Blas, and Susan Gardner (Loyola Marymount University)


Ready, Set, Go. How to Conduct a Basic Space Usage Study on the Fly. A Case Study of the Lemieux Library and Learning Commons at Seattle University.

Christina Nilsen (Seattle University)


Walk It Off: Assessing Use of WalkStations in the Library

Kymberly Goodson (University of California, San Diego Library)


Design and Assessment of New Individual Study Carrels

Holt Zaugg and Jeff Belliston (Brigham Young University)




Methods & Surveys


Making Way for Makerspaces: Using Design Thinking to Create Mobile & Pop Up Making & Learning Experiences

Camille Andrews and Sara Wright (Cornell University)


From Acceptance to Assessment—Academic Librarians CAN Card-Swipe

Sian Brannon and Susan Smith (University of North Texas)


Assessing the In-Person Experience with Microfeedback

Amy Deschenes and Kris Markman (Harvard University)


Beyond the LibQUAL+ Looking-Glass: discovering what the LibQUAL+ survey does not tell us

Jane Duffy (MacEwan University Libraries)


Have You Heard About the Herd? Using YikYak as a Tool for Library Assessment

Maxwell Hackman, Melissa Johnson, Karin Williams, and Virginia Durham (Augusta University)


Dear Diary—Researching the LSE Welcome Week Experience

Eva Jirjahlke (London School of Economics and Political Science)


What’s the ROI? Tracking LibQUAL+ Marketing with Short URLs

Lee Ann Lannom, Sara Byrd, Carolyn Hamilton, Sara Sterkenburg, and Tao You (Vanderbilt University)


Is This the Library?: Applying User Experience and Ethnographic Methods to Assess Library Wayfinding

Lesli Larson, Kirstin Hierholzer, Shelley Harshe, and Miriam Rigby (University of Oregon Libraries)


Getting More from LibQual+ Data: Using Open Source Tools for Data Analysis and Visualization

Julie Miller, Andrew Welp, Franny Gaede, and Laura Menard (Butler University)


Tracking Trends: Using LibQUAL+ Survey for Institutional Effectiveness

Sarah Northam and Sandra Hayes (Texas A&M University-Commerce)


Is Everything All Right at Night? Measuring User Response to 24/5 Library Services

Jennifer Nutefall and Tina Chrzastowski (Santa Clara University Library)


“...and a box”: Working with Unstructured Comment Data

Megan Smith and Topher Lawton (Old Dominion University)


Too Many Metrics! Measuring Social Media's Impact

Kaitlin Springmier (University of Chicago)


Learning from First Year Students: A Collaboration between the Library and the Office of Student Employment

Terry Taylor and Ashley McMullin (DePaul University)


One Less Survey: Using Dot Posters to Combine Assessment and Engagement

Krystal Wyatt-Baxter (University of Texas at Austin)




Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Organizational Performance


If You Promote It, Will They Come? Assessing Library Communication to Engineering Patrons

Lindsay Anderberg, Ana Torres, Gavin Paul, and Kara Whatley (New York University Tandon School of Engineering)


Sustainability through Unsustainability: A Case Study on Phases of Development in Library Assessment Activities

Greg Argo (Concordia University); Michael Mitchell (Bethel University)


Creating Good Practices: A Survey of the Library Assessment Programs at ARL Libraries | Handout

Michelle Brannen and Regina Mays (University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Sojourna Cunningham (University of Richmond)


Diversifying Library Assessment at the University of Houston Libraries

Jackie Bronicki (University of Houston)


More Than a Number: Measuring Value and ROI for Library Microgrant Programs

Melody Condron, Wenli Gao, Keith Komos, and Abra Schnur (University of Houston)


Using Results of a Campus Employee Engagement Survey for Workplace Improvements

Lorene Flanders (University of West Georgia)


Education and Assessment Skills

Rachel Fleming-May and Regina Mays (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)


Library Survey Data: Visualizing With Tableau

Starr Hoffman and Ashley Hernandez-Hall (University Libraries, University of Nevada-Las Vegas)


The Value of User Input for the Strategic Planning Process at an Academic Library

Michael Holt and Alan Bernstein (Valdosta State University)


Data Server to Data Chef: Storytelling with Context and Creativity

Kirsten Kinsley and Andrea Dawson (Florida State University)


Connecting the Data: An Exploration in Defining Value at an Applied Education Institution

Ebony Magnus (SAIT Polytechnic)


Using Infographics to Communicate about Library Data

Ann Medaille (University of Nevada, Reno)


Talking to University Leadership: Utilizing Existing Data to Tell a Unique Story

Amalia Monroe-Gulick (University of Kansas Libraries)


Assessment Proficiencies in LIS Education

Megan Oakleaf and Carl Haynes (Syracuse University)


University Library Assessment Program: Making the Most of Library Statistics

Carisa Polischuk (University of Saskatchewan)


Assessing the Success of a Professional Development Program Using Multiple Measurements

Catherine Sassen, Karen R. Harker, and Erin O'Toole (University of North Texas)


Using Social Networks for Library Funding Advocacy: Assessing the Discourse of the Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries Facebook Campaign

Laura Spears (University of Florida)


Distributed Assessment in an Evolving Organization

Annette Stalnaker, Jeff Hill, and Dave Griles (University of Virginia Library)


Keep Your Viz Current: Auto-Refreshing Tableau Data Sources

Jim Stemper and Michael Johnson (University of Minnesota Libraries)


Getting to Culture: Strategies for Creating a Culture of Assessment

Maurini Strub and Samantha Mcclellan (University of Louisville)




Teaching & Learning


2nd Place

First, Strongest, or Last: Does the Sequence of a Library One-Shot Instruction Session Affect Students’ Retention of Concepts?

Arthur Boston (Murray State University)


Integrating Information Literacy Into Written Business Communication: An Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Hui-Fen Chang (Oklahoma State University)


Meaningful One-Shot Assessment: Two Years to Get it Right

Ted Chodock and Caprice Roberson (College of Southern Nevada)


Assessing the Information Literacy Needs of the Undergraduate Curriculum

Kerry Creelman (University of Houston)


Demonstrating the Value of Academic Libraries Using Student Level Data: Linking Library Use and Experiences with Student Success

Dave Dettman (University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point)


Creating Sustainable Classroom Assessment: A Preliminary Needs Assessment

Annie Epperson and Lyda F. Ellis (University of Northern Colorado)


Getting to 100%: Reaching Every First Year Student

Jan Fransen, Kristen Mastel, Shane Nackerud, and Kate Peterson (University of Minnesota Libraries); Krista Soria (University of Minnesota Office of Institutional Research)


One-Minute Papers: Acclimating Librarians to Student Learning Assessment in Library Instruction

Maoria Kirker (George Mason University)


Implementing a Multi-Study Information Literacy Assessment Plan for General Education

Judith Liebman and Tesse Santoro (Mercy College)


Collaborative Assessment: Supporting Institutional Mission and Student Success

Katy Mathuews (Ohio University Libraries); Zachary Lewis (Shawnee State University)


Revealing What Faculty’s Course Syllabi Tell Us about the Value of the Library: A Textual Data Mining Approach Using Queries and Nodes in Nvivo

Colleen Mullally, Casey Ann Mitchell, Jeremy Whitt, and Paul Stenis (Pepperdine University); Kevin Miller (University of California, Davis)


Learning Analytics & Libraries: A Primer

Megan Oakleaf and Samantha Settimio (Syracuse University); Meg Grotti (University of Delaware)


1st Place

Mind the Gap: Harmonizing Composition Instruction with Information Literacy Outcomes through Assessment of Annotated Bibliographies

Eric Prosser and Martha Talman (Fort Lewis College)


Teaching Writing through Collaborative Efforts

Kayo Sakemi, Midori Ichiko, Yukiko Sakai, and Keiko Kurata (Keio University)


Finding the Right Public Health Data: Assessing the Impact of Government Documents Life-Long Learning and Student Success

Darren Sweeper (Montclair State University)


Assessment as Learning Project: Online Surveys with Immediate Formative Feedback

Yayo Umetsubo (Cape Breton University)


Assessment as Engagement: Understanding Faculty Perceptions of Research at Trinity College

Erin Valentino and Rob Walsh (Trinity College)


Learning from a New Measure: Undergraduate Student Information Literacy Behaviors and Experiences

Kate Zoellner and Sue Samson (Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, University of Montana-Missoula)