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Library Assessment Conference

Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

2018 Library Assessment Conference
Houston, Texas
December 5–7, 2018

2006 Proceedings

Library Assessment Conference:
Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment
Charlottesville, Virginia
September 25–27, 2006

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Conference Proceedings

In 2006, the first Library Assessment Conference offered in North America brought together more than 200 participants from 36 states and six countries outside North America. The attendees—representing 109 libraries, associations, library systems, and vendors—participated in more than 40 paper and panel sessions. The conference featured 20 posters presentations and three plenary sessions on the topics of Library Performance Measures That Matter, Changing User Needs and Perceptions, and Organizational Diversity and Climate Assessment.

The proceedings contains more than 40 papers on the following conference topics: Service Quality Assessment; Qualitative Approaches; Building Assessment in Our Libraries; LibQUAL+® Follow-Up; Moving Assessment Forward; Information Literary; Evaluation and Assessment Methods; Strategic Planning; Library As Place; Balanced Scorecard; Assessing Organization Climate; Organization Culture/Learning; Digital Library; and Value and Impact.

Print or CD-ROM copies of the 2006 Library Assessment Conference Proceedings are available for purchase from ARL Publications for $150. Or download a PDF of the published 2006 proceedings (15 MB PDF). See below for selected PowerPoint presentations and other handouts available online.

Thank you to all participants for their efforts in furthering effective, sustainable, and practical library assessment.

Conference co-chairs,
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Jim Self, University of Virginia

2006 Conference Planning Committee,
Francine DeFranco, University of Connecticut
Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut
Richard Groves, Association of Research Libraries
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Joan Stein, Carnegie Mellon University
Lynda White, University of Virginia

See below for selected PowerPoint presentations and other handouts available online.



September 25


9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Preconference Workshops

Data Analysis and Presentation with Joe Zucca
Salon A

Introduction to Survey Analysis with Neal Kaske
Salon B

Introduction to Focus Groups and Other Qualitative Methods with Colleen Cook
PowerPoint: Focus Groups
PowerPoint: Qualitative Methods Q&A
PowerPoint: The Research Process
James Monroe

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Welcome & Opening
Salon A/B

Conference Co-Chairs Steve Hiller, Jim Self, and Martha Kyrillidou

Speaker: Duane Webster, Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Plenary I
Salon A/B

John Lombardi, Chancellor University of Massachusetts-Amherst Library Performance Measures That Matter

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Parallel Session 1

Service Quality Assessment
Salon A

LibQUAL+™, ProSeBiCA (Development of New Library Services by Means of Conjoint Analysis), and CAPM (Comprehensive Access to Printed Materials)
Panel: Fred Heath, Colleen Cook, Martha Kyrillidou, Bettina Koeper, Reinhold Decker, and Sayeed Choudhury

How You Can Evaluate the Integrity of Your Library Service Quality Assessment Data: Intercontinental LibQUAL+® Analyses Used in Concrete Heuristic Examples
Bruce Thompson, Martha Kyrillidou, and Colleen Cook

Qualitative Approaches I
Salon B

Wayfinding in the Library: Usability Testing of Physical Spaces
Nancy J. Kress, David K. Larsen, Tod A. Olsen, and Agnes M. Tatarka

Assessing the Service Needs and Expectations of Customers – No Longer a Mystery
Margie Jantti

Frequently Noted: Approaches to Analyzing Qualitative Research
Elizabeth Smigielski, Judy Wulff, and Terri Holtze

Building Assessment in our Libraries I
Ashlawn & Highlands

Getting Started with Library Assessment: Using Surveys to Begin an Assessment Initiative
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Tina E. Chrzastowski

A Leap in the Right Direction: How a Symbiotic Relationship Between Assessment and Marketing Moves the Library Forward
Melissa Becher and Mary Mintz

Assessment in the Emory Libraries: Lurching toward Sustainability
Panel: Charles Forrest and Susan Bailey

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Parallel Session 2

LibQUAL+® Follow-up
Salon A

Practical Assessment at Texas A&M: Using LibQUAL+ Comments to Enhance Reference Services
Dennis T. Clark

Getting Our Priorities in Order: Are Our Service Values in Line with the Communities We Serve?
Jocelyn Duffy, Damon Jaggars, and Shanna Smith

Qualitative Approaches II
Salon B

Meliora: The Culture of Assessment at University of Rochester’s River Campus Libraries
Panel: Nora Dimmock, Judi Briden, and Helen Anderson

Building Assessment in our Libraries II
Ashlawn & Highlands

Library Assessment on a Budget: Using Effect Size Meta-Analysis to Get the Most out of the Library-Related Survey Data Available across Campus
Eric Ackermann

Developing an Integrated Approach to Library and Information Technology Assessment
Panel: Jill Glaser, Bill Myers, Ryan P. Papesh, John M. Stratton

6:00 – 7:30

Poster Session & Drinks
Posters in Preston
Bar in Atrium Open 6:15-7:15

Usage and Outcomes Evaluation of an Information Commons: A Multi-Method Pilot Study
Poster | Handout
Rachel Applegate

Issues in Establishing a Culture of Assessment in a Complex Academic Health Sciences Library
Sally Bowler-Hill and Janis Teal

Use of RFID Applications in Libraries
Navjit Brar

Statistics & Assessment: The Positive Effects at the Harold B. Lee Library of Brigham Young University
Poster | Handout
Julene Butler and Brian Roberts

Improving Library Services Using a User Activity Survey
Alicia Estes

Introducing the READ Scale: Qualitative Statistics for Academic Reference Services
Bella Karr Gerlich and G. Lynn Berard

Are the Needs and Wants the Same? Comparing Results from Graduate Student, Undergraduate Student, and Faculty Surveys
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Tina E. Chrzastowski

Challenges Inherent in Assessing Faculty Productivity: A Meta-Analysis Perspective
Sheila Curl Hoover

Assessing the Research Impact of Electronic Journals at the University of Notre Dame
Carol Branch, Carole Pilkinton, and Sherri Jones

Information Seeking Behavior of International Graduate Students vs. American Graduate Students: A User Study at Virginia Tech 2005
Mary Finn

Improving Annual Data Collecting: An Interactive Poster Session
Linda Miller
Presentation | Handout (both PowerPoint)

Using Collection Assessment to Determine Optimal Library Support for Doctoral Granting Academic Programs
Tom Moothart

A Time-Budget Study of the George Mason University Libraries’ Liaison Program
Handout (PDF)
James E. Nalen

Methodological Diversity and Assessment Sustainability: Growing the Culture of Assessment at the University of Washington Libraries
Poster (PDF)
Maureen Nolan, Jennifer Ward, and Stephanie Wright

Collecting the Right Data for Decision-Making
Kimberly Burke Sweetman and Marybeth McCartin

Creating On-Going, Integrated Assessment Efforts in Community College Libraries
Mark Thompson

Bribes Can Work: Ensuring Your Assessment Tool Is Not Ignored
Luke Vilelle

Assessing Library Instruction with Experimental Designs
Scott White and Remi Castonguay

Developing Personas for Evaluating Library Service Needs
Dan Wilson

Perceiving Perception: A Case Study of Undergraduates’ Perception of Academic Libraries
Steven Yates

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Salon A/B
Wine will be available for purchase by the bottle

Speaker: Brinley Franklin, Vice Provost for University Libraries, University of Connecticut


September 26

9:00 am – 10:30 am


Parallel Session 3

Information Literacy I
Salon A

Using the SAILS Test to Assess Information Literacy
Carolyn Radcliff and Joe Salem

Scenario-based ICT Literacy Assessment: A New Tool for Evaluating the Effectiveness of Library Instructional Programs
Panel: Dr. Gordon Smith, Alexis Smith Macklin, and Dr. Mary M. Somerville

Moving Assessment Forward
Salon B

Data Policy Action: The Continuous Improvement Cycle – Cases from ARL and Carnegie MA I Libraries
Susan J. Beck and Wanda V. Dole

Evidence Based Library Management – A View to the Future
Amos Lakos

Keys to Effective, Sustainable, and Practical Assessment
Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou, and Jim Self


11:00 am – 12:00 noon


Parallel Session 4

Information Literacy II
Salon A

The Fourth "R": Information Literacy in Institutional Assessment
Francine Egger-Sider, Louise Fluk, and Alexandra Rojas

The Right Assessment Tool for the Job: Seeking a Match Between Method and Need | Handout
Megan Oakleaf

Evaluation and Assessment Methods
Salon B

Choosing the Best Tools for Evaluating Your Library
Neal Kaske

Developing Best Fit Library Evaluation Strategies
Charles R. McClure, John Carlo Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger and John T. Snead

Strategic Planning
Ashlawn & Highlands

Accountability to Key Stakeholders
Raynna Bowlby and Daniel O’Mahony

Drilling the LibQUAL+ Data for Strategic Planning
Stewart Saunders

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm


Plenary II
Salon A/B

Cathy De Rosa, Vice President, Marketing & Library Services, OCLC
Changing User Needs and Perceptions

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Parallel Session 5

Library As Place
Salon A

Assessing Learning Spaces: A Framework
Joan K. Lippincott

Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of an Information Common
Gordon Fretwell and Rachel Lewellen

Listening to Users: The Role of Assessment in Renovation to Meet User Need
Kimberly Burke Sweetman and Lucinda Covert-Vale

Net Generation College Students and the Library as Place
Aaron K. Shrimplin and Matthew Magnuson

Balanced Scorecard
Salon B

Balanced Scorecards in Public Libraries: A Project Summary
Joe Matthews

The People Side of Planning & Implementing a Large Scale Balanced Scorecard Initiative
Susanna Pathak

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Staff Involvement in the Balanced Scorecard
Panel: Leland Deeds, Tabzeera Dosu, Laura Miller, Paul Rittelmeyer, Annette Stalnaker, Donna Tolson, and Carol Hunter

Assessing Organization Climate
Ashlawn & Highlands

From Organizational Assessment to Organizational Change: The University of Maryland Library Experience
Panel: Sue Baughman, Johnnie Love, Charles B. Lowry, and Maggie Sopanaro

Diversity and Organizational Culture Survey: Useful Methodological Tool or Pandora’s Box
Laura Lillard

Looking In and Looking Out: Assessing Our Readiness to Embrace the Future
Nancy Slight-Gibney

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


Reception at Harrison Institute / Small Special Collections Library

Speaker: Karin Wittenborg, University Librarian, University of Virginia



September 27


9:00 am – 10:00 am


Plenary III
Salon A/B

Paul Hanges, Professor, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, University of Maryland
Organizational Diversity and Climate Assessment

10:30 am – 12:00 noon


Parallel Session 6

Organizational Culture/Learning
Salon A

Assessing Organizational Culture: Moving towards Organizational Change and Renewal
Lyn Currie and Carol Shepstone

Tools for Creating a Culture of Assessment: The CIPP Model and Utilization-Focused Evaluation
Yvonne Belanger

The use of Outcome Based Evaluation (OBE) to Assess Staff Learning Activities at University of Maryland Libraries
Irma F. Dillon and Maggie Sopanaro

Digital Library
Salon B

Usability Assessment of Academic Digital Libraries
Judy Jeng

Listening to Users: Creating More Useful Digital Library Tools and Services by Understanding the Needs of User Communities
Felicia Poe

All That Data: Finding Useful and Practical Ways to Combine Electronic Resource Usage Data from Multiple Sources
Maribeth Manoff and Eleanor Read

Value and Impact
James Monroe

Contingent Valuation of Libraries: Examples from Academic, Public and Special Libraries
Sarah Aerni and Donald W. King

Demonstrating Library Value Through Web-Based Evaluation Instructional Systems
Charles R. McClure, John Carlo Bertot, Paul T. Jaeger and John T. Snead

Value and Impact Measurement: A UK Perspective and Progress Report on a National Program (VAMP)
Stephen Town

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm


Salon A/B

Speaker: Betsy Wilson, Dean of University Libraries, University of Washington

Steve Hiller

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Postconference Workshops

Data Analysis and Presentation with Joe Zucca
Salon A

Introduction to Survey Analysis with Neal Kaske
Salon B

Introduction to Focus Groups and Other Qualitative Methods with Colleen Cook
James Monroe