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Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

2018 Library Assessment Conference
Houston, Texas
December 5–7, 2018

2010 Poster Presentations

Poster Abstracts

Posters are grouped by topic and listed alphabetically within by first author.

During the Poster Reception, experts on each of the topics judged the posters on the following criteria to select twelve Judges’ Choice award winners:


  • benefit for practice, implications for future practice
  • appropriateness of approach/methodology
  • conclusions emerge logically from results


  • logically organized, clear & readable, self-explanatory
  • visually attractive

From these twelve, attendees had the opportunity to vote on two Peoples’ Choice awards.

Judges' Choice   Judges' Choice   People's Choice   People's Choice

Organizational Performance

Learning from Our Users: Using Assessment to Drive Change | photo
Beth Avery (University of North Texas)
Diane Wahl (University of North Texas)

Seize the Day: Launching Library Assessment in Alignment with Strategic Planning | photo
Yvonne Belanger (Duke University)
Diane Harvey (Duke University)

Designing and Implementing a Practical Assessment Consultation Intake Form | photo
Rachel Besara (Florida State University)
Kirsten Kinsley (Florida State University)

Beyond Babylon: Evidence-Based Data Management for Academic Libraries | photo
Frank Biss (Counting Opinions (SQUIRE) Ltd)
Carl Thompson (Counting Opinions (SQUIRE) Ltd)

Networking in North Texas: Connected by Assessment | photo
Kay Chapa (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Diane Wahl (University of North Texas)

Thinking in Cycles: Assessment, Improvement, and Validation | photo
Felix Chu (Western Illinois University)

Evaluation Frameworks for Libraries: Providing a Holistic, Whole of Organisation Strategy? | photo
Rachel Esson (Victoria University, Wellington)
Sue Roberts (Victoria University, Wellington)

Judges' Choice   Creating Analyst Positions in an Academic Library: The UC-San Diego Experience | photo
Kymberly Goodson (University of California, San Diego)
Dan Suchy (University of California, San Diego)

Employees as Customers Judging Quality: A Delphi Study of Metrics for Quality Assessment Instrumentation Development | photo
John Harer (East Carolina University)

Staffing a New Learning Commons: Practical, Sustainable Assessment for Role Reorganizations | photo
Kirsten Kinsley (Florida State University)
Rebecca Bichel (Florida State University)
Rachel Besara (Florida State University)

Judges' Choice   Assessing Library Performance Using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence: The Systems That Focus on Results and Ensure Sustainability | photo
Susan Makar (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mary-Deirdre Coraggio (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mylene Ouimette (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Barbara P. Silcox (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Library Staff Buy-In: Building a Broad-based Support for a Culture of Assessment at Washington University Libraries | photo
Carol Mollman (Washington University in St. Louis)

Focus on Assessment | photo
Kimlyn Patishnock (The Pennsylvania State University)
Heather Benner (The Pennsylvania State University)
Sydney Bennington (The Pennsylvania State University)
Gregory Crawford (The Pennsylvania State University)
Jennifer McCauley (The Pennsylvania State University)
Linda Musser (The Pennsylvania State University)
Nonny Schlotzhauer (The Pennsylvania State University)
Ann Snowman (The Pennsylvania State University)

From the Ground up: Developing an Assessment Plan | photo
Ruth Perkins (Kutztown University)
Krista Prock (Kutztown University)
Karen Wanamaker (Kutztown University)

Measuring Up: Using Operational Reviews as a Departmental Assessment and Streamlining Tool | photo
Elizabeth O’Brien (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Paulina Rousseau (University of Toronto Scarborough)
Catherine Devion (University of Toronto Scarborough)

Assessing Library Performance Using the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence: Role Model Practices | photo
Barbara P. Silcox (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mary-Deirdre Coraggio (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Susan Makar (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Mylene Ouimette (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Goals Met? Quantitative Assessment of Diversity Goals, Methods, and Tools | photo
Eileen Theodore-Shusta (Ohio University)
Christopher Guder (Ohio University)

Methods (including space and surveys)

Understanding the Graduate Student Research Process: From Concept to Product | photo
Beth Blanton-Kent (University of Virginia)
Rebecca Pappert (University of Virginia)
Tina Smith (University of Virginia)
Keith Weimer (University of Virginia)

The Marriott Library User Satisfaction Survey, 1995-2009: 15 Years of Change at an Academic Library | photo
Amy Brunvand (University of Utah)

Judges' Choice   Critical Sources Identified: Gathering, Organizing, and Analyzing Evidence—Just Like a CSI Unit! | photo
Kay Chapa (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Scott Carpenter (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)
Jane Scott (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

Researching the Researcher’s Space | photo
Michael Crumpton (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro)
Hermann Trojanowski (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Assessing Community Users in an Academic Library | photo
Wanda Dole (University or Arkansas at Little Rock)
J.B. Hill (University or Arkansas at Little Rock)

In the Zone @UNH: Practical Low-Cost Approaches to Student Space Concerns | photo
Annie Donahue (University of New Hampshire)
Jennifer Carroll (University of New Hampshire)
Tracey Lauder (University of New Hampshire)

What to Do When Your Survey Generates More Questions Than Answers: Selecting Additional Assessment Methods That Gather the Information You Need to Improve Library Resources and Services | photo
Karen Jensen (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
Susan Mitchell (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

The Survey as Outreach: How Measuring Recognition Can Further Promote Services and Resources | photo
Robin M. Katz (University of Vermont)

Learning from Distance Faculty: A Faculty Needs Assessment at University of Wyoming | photo
Melissa Bowles-Terry (University of Wyoming)
Cassandra Kvenild (University of Wyoming)

Judges' Choice   Music Library Space Use Study: Assessing When “Times They Are a Changin’” | photo
Margaret Martin Gardiner (The University of Western Ontario)
Monica Fazekas (The University of Western Ontario)

Totally Twitterpated—Evaluating Twitter Use in an Academic Library | photo
Linda Musser (Pennsylvania State University)

Keeping Stakeholders Informed: Disseminating the Results of Assessment Activities through a Library’s Website | photo
Paul Neuhaus (Santa Clara University)

Systematic Reviews for Evidence-Based Practice: How to Glean Information from the Research of Your Peers | photo
Sue F. Phelps (Washington State University Vancouver)
Nicole Campbell (Washington State University Vancouver)

Judges' Choice   Students Studying Students | photo
Allyson Washburn (Brigham Young University)
Sheila Bibb (Brigham Young University)

Usability on a Shoestring: Embedded Usability and User Studies at Cornell University Library | photo
Wendy Wilcox (Cornell University)
Gaby Castro Gessner (Cornell University)
Jeffrey Petersen (Cornell University)


Using Blackboard’s Outcomes Assessment Module to Evaluate the Impact of LibGuides: A Quasi-Experimental Research Study | photo
Steven Bell (Temple University)

Assessing an Instructional Program Geared at Teaching Education Graduate Students Research Skills | photo
Barbara Blummer (Center for Computing Sciences)
Jeffrey Kenton (Towson University)

Judges' Choice   Cite It, Write It!: Analysis of Freshman English Bibliographies | photo
Melissa Bowles-Terry (University of Wyoming)
Kaijsa Calkins (University of Wyoming)

Instant Assessment: Using Response Systems to Evaluate Student Comprehension in Library Instruction | photo
Kathy Campbell (East Tennessee State University)
Leslie Adebonojo (East Tennessee State University)
Mark Ellis (East Tennessee State University)

Online Tutorials and Assessment of Information Literacy Skills | photo
Patricia Dawson (Rider University)
Danielle L. Jacobs (Rider University)
Sharon Yang (Rider University)

Joint Efforts: Information Literacy and Collaborative Workshop Development
Mary DiMaggio (Rasmussen College)
Emily O’Connor (Rasmussen College)

Developing Assessment for an Information Literacy Program: The First Year | photo
Larissa Gordon (Arcadia University)

Judges' Choice   Building Buy-In Using the Information Literacy Instruction Assessment Cycle | photo
Margaret Grotti (University of Delaware)

“It Was Awesome”: Assessing the Benefits of Course-Specific Research Guides | photo
Laura Horne-Popp (University of Richmond)

A Multi-Year Information Literacy Assessment Program Using Google Docs | photo
Ma Lei Hsieh (Rider University)
Patricia H. Dawson (Rider University)

Understanding the Research Practices of First-Year and Senior Students: A Report on the Research Practices Survey
Jennifer Jarson (Muhlenberg College)

Assessment Influencing Action | photo
Joscelyn Langholt (University of Maryland, College Park)

Assessing the Assessment: How Institutions Administered, Interpreted, and Used SAILS | photo
Brian Lym (Hunter College, City University of New York)
Hal Grossman (Hunter College, City University of New York)
Lauren Yannotta (Hunter College, City University of New York)
Makram Talih (Hunter College, City University of New York)

Project SAILS: What’s in It for You and Your Students | photo
Valla McLean (Grant MacEwan University)

Learning in an Online Environment: Assessment of an Online Information Literacy Credit Course | photo
Yvonne Mery (University of Arizona)
Jill Newby (University of Arizona)
Ke Peng (University of Arizona)

Judges' Choice   Assessing Student Learning through Collaboration | photo
Lisa Moeckel (Syracuse University)
Noreen Gaubatz (Syracuse University)

The Road to a Quality Information Literacy Assessment Study: Lessons Learned
Darlene Parrish (Florida Atlantic University)
Malka Schyndel (Florida Atlantic University)
Madelyn LaVigne (Florida Atlantic University)

The Needs Analysis: The First Step in Library Instruction Assessment
Anne Pemberton (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Integrated Information Literacy Assessment Using ePortfolios
Eric Resnis (Miami University)

Developing the Understanding Library Impacts Protocol
Derek Rodriguez (Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN))

Assessment of Student Information Literacy: Introducing Individually-scored SAILS Tests
Joseph A. Salem, Jr. (Kent State University)
Carolyn Radcliff (Kent State University)

All Satisfaction Is Local: Using a Tactical Assessment Tool to Gauge Student Satisfaction and as the Basis for On-the-Fly Program Improvements
Bill Uricchio (University of Connecticut)
Marsha M. Lee (University of Connecticut)
Janice Mathews (University of Connecticut)

Integrated Information Literacy Education and Assessment at Indiana University, Bloomington: Progress and Possibilities
Brian Winterman (Indiana University)


Automatic Assessment of Library Resources Utilizing LibGuides | photo
Leslie Adebonojo (East Tennessee State University)
Kathy Campbell (East Tennessee State University)
Mark Ellis (East Tennessee State University)

The Thomson Reuters Global Institutional Profiles Project | photo
Patricia Brennan (Thomson Reuters)

Evaluating Access to the Journal Literature Using the Journal Citation Reports Database
Reading List | photo
Alan Gale (University of Guelph)
Linda Day (University of Guelph)

Using Gimlet Desk Statistics to Improve Library Services | photo
Susan Gardner (Loyola Marymount University)

ARL Statistics® Analytics through StatsQUAL® | photo
Henry Gross (Association of Research Libraries)
David Green (Association of Research Libraries)
Martha Kyrillidou (Association of Research Libraries)
Gary Roebuck (Association of Research Libraries)

Institutional Publications Tracking (IPT) System | photo
Susan Heckethorn (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Valerie Trujillo (Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Judges' Choice   Using Library Swipe-Card Data to Inform Decision Making | photo
Jennifer Jones (Georgia State University)

Reference Transaction Assessment: A Survey of New York State Academic and Public Libraries | photo
Jean McLaughlin (University at Albany)

People's Choice   Judges' Choice   When Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole Story: Using Meta-Analysis to Create an Effective, Sustainable Electronic Resource Assessment Process | photo
David Nolfi (Duquesne University)
Carmel Yurochko (Duquesne University)
Tracie Ballock (Duquesne University)

The Big Picture: Artists on the Library | photo
Henry Pisciotta (The Pennsylvania State University)

Evidenced-Based Collection Assessment and Development: The Use of Web of Knowledge to Study Faculty Publication and Citation Patterns at the Campus Level | photo
Lutishoor Salisbury (University of Arkansas)
Jeremy S. Smith (University of Arkansas)

The National Survey of Student Engagement and Library Circulation Statistics: A Data Mining Exercise | photo
Nancy Slight-Gibney (University of Oregon)

Web 2.0 for Library Collections: Assessing Users’ Collective Wisdom Applications | photo
Ya Wang (San Francisco State University)


Guiding Subject Liaison Librarians in Understanding and Acting on User Survey Results: A Model LibQUAL+® Consultation from ARL | photo
Raynna Bowlby (Library Management Consulting)
Francine M. DeFranco (University of Connecticut)

LibQUAL+® Data for Subject Librarians | photo
Jeanne M. Brown (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Using LibQUAL+® Data for an Accreditation Review | photo
Janice Lewis (East Carolina University)

Using LibQUAL+® Feedback to Improve Your Library as a Place | photo
Virginia Loveless (Augusta State University)

Judges' Choice   Using LibQUAL+® for Continuous Improvement at Eastern Washington University Libraries | photo
Julie Miller (Eastern Washington University)

Qualitative Assessment on a Shoestring: Developing a Cost Effective Strategy to Analyze LibQUAL+® Comments | photo
David Nolfi (Duquesne University)
Tracie Ballock (Duquesne University)
Allison Brungard (Duquesne University)
Bridget Euliano (Duquesne University)

People's Choice   Judges' Choice   Sharing the Wealth: A Process for Engaging a Large Group in Coding LibQUAL+® Survey Comments | photo
Daniel O’Mahony (Brown University)

Selecting a User Survey Instrument and Adapting to Institutional Needs | photo
Linda Plunket (Boston University)
Sarah Struble (Boston University)

Analysis Using Japanese Norms: Aspects of National/International Benchmarking | photo
Yukiko Sakai (Keio University)
Midori Ichiko (Keio University)

LibQUAL+® Lite at UNT | photo
Diane Wahl (University of North Texas)
Hector Ponce (University of North Texas)

Mission Difficult, but Not Impossible: How We Followed Up LibQUAL+® Results to Satisfy User Needs | photo
Jianrong Wang (The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
Carolyn Gutierrez (The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

LibQUAL+® and Campus Climate Surveys as Tools for Reshaping Library Spaces
Patricia West (American University)
Gwendolyn Reece (American University)
Diana Vogelsong (American University)