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Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

2018 Library Assessment Conference
Houston, Texas
December 5–7, 2018

2012 Poster Presentations

Poster Abstracts

Posters are grouped by topic and listed alphabetically within by first author.

During the Poster Reception, experts on each of the topics judged the posters on the following criteria to select eight Judges’ Choice award winners:


  • benefit for practice, implications for future practice
  • appropriateness of approach/methodology
  • conclusions emerge logically from results


  • logically organized, clear & readable, self-explanatory
  • visually attractive

From these eight, attendees had the opportunity to vote on two Peoples’ Choice awards.

Judges' Choice   Judges' Choice   People's Choice   People's Choice

Data and Collections

Analyzing Research Behavior and Assessing Collections: Data Informed Decision Making | photo
Susan Edwards (University of California, Berkeley)
Lynn Jones (University of California, Berkeley)

Centralizing Effective Electronic Resources Assessment: Successful Collaboration Leading to Innovations | photo
Lenore England (University of Maryland University College)
Barb Mann (University of Maryland University College)

Data Gathering and Assessment for Strategic Planning | photo
Alicia Estes (New York University)
Samantha Guss (New York University)

Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Journal Subscriptions, Big Deal Packages, and Budget Allocations | photo
Alfred Fry (Villanova University)

Can One Size Truly Fit All? Analyzing Organizational Use of a Data Collection Tool | photo
Jennie Gerke (University of Colorado Bouder)
Stephanie Alexander (University of Southern California)
Megan Bresnahan (University of Colorado Boulder)

Assessment of a Transactional Access Trial as an Acquisition Method for Journal Articles | photo
Ashley Ireland (Murray State University)

Automating Cornell University Library's Annual Data Collection | supplement | photo
Linda Miller (Cornell University)
Joanne Leary (Cornell University)

People's Choice   Judges' Choice   Making Use of What You are Already Collecting: Library Data and Student Success | photo
Kate Peterson (University of Minnesota ‐ Twin Cities)
Shane Nackerud (University of Minnesota ‐ Twin Cities)
Janet Fransen (University of Minnesota ‐ Twin Cities)
Kristen Mastel (University of Minnesota ‐ Twin Cities)

What is the Value of Course Reserves to Our Stakeholders? | photo
Lola Rudin (University of Toronto)
Elizabeth O'Brien (University of Toronto)
Adriana Sgro (University of Toronto)

Findable Data: Designing a Digital Repository for Library Assessment | photo
Nancy Turner (Syracuse University)

ROAR and TracDat: Using Databases to Track Data and Align Goals at Rohrbach Library | photo
Karen Wanamaker (Kutztown University)
Krista Prock (Kutztown University)
Dan Stafford (Kutztown University)
Ruth Perkins (Kutztown University)


Assessing Faculty Needs: A Mixed Methods Approach | photo
Andrea Adams (James Madison University)
Nisa Bakkalbasi (James Madison University)
Jamie Calcagno‐Roach (James Madison University)
Jason Kopp (James Madison University)
Megan Rodgers (James Madison University)
John Sessoms (James Madison University)
Donna Sundre (James Madison University)
Nicole Wilson (James Madison University)

Making the Invisible Visible: Collaborative Assessment of ACRL Competency Standard One | photo
Susan Ariew (University of South Florida)
Sarah van Ingen (University of South Florida)

Assessing Library Information Literacy Learning Outcomes of Undergraduates at a STEM University | photo
Julie Blair (Michigan Tech University)

Learning Outcomes for Library Student Workers: Value Potential in Library Employment | photo
Jeanne Brown (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

We're Teaching, But Are They Learning? The University of Washington Libraries Student Learning Goals & Outcomes Project | photo
Leslie Bussert (University of Washington, Bothell)
Amanda Hornby (University of Washington, Seattle)

"Are We Meeting our Learning Outcomes?" Using Assessment to Drive Effective Instruction Design and Revision | photo
Kerry Creelman (University of Houston)

Assessing Library Subject Guides Using Google Analytics | photo
Summer Durrant (Indiana University‐Purdue University Indianapolis)

Is the Loop Really Closed?: The Assessment and Reassessment of Communications 101 Learning Outcomes | supplement | photo
Carrie Gaxiola (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Found in Translation: Articulating Campus‐Wide Learning Outcomes and Assessing Impact with ACRL Performance Indicators | photo
Steven Hoover (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Jennifer Fabbi (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
Anne Zald (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

Sharing the Wealth: Using Google Document Forms to Coordinate Student Responses Regarding Course Research Guides | photo
Laura Horne‐Popp (University of Richmond)

Carmen Library Links: An Investigation of Effective Librarian Engagement in a Learning Management System | photo
Sarah Murphy (The Ohio State University)
Elizabeth L. Black (The Ohio State University)

Effective Sustainable Assessment Tools: Using Free, Powerful Tools for Formative and Summative Instructional Assessment | photo
Sarah Passonneau (Iowa State University)
Michele Christian (Iowa State University)

Student Perceptions as a Method to Improve Information Literacy | photo
Eric Resnis (Miami University)

People's Choice   Judges' Choice   RAILS Results 1 Year Later: What We've Learned and Changed So Far | photo
Jenny Rushing Mills (Belmont University)
Jackie Belanger (University of Washington, Bothell and Cascadia Community College)
Claire Holmes (Towson University)
Carroll Wilkinson (West Virginia University)


Protocols and Priorities, Comparing Radford University Users' Priorities using LibQUAL+® Long and Triads Survey Data: A Preliminary Study | photo
Eric Ackermann (Radford University)

Focused Surveys as Building Blocks of a Sustainable Assessment Program | photo
Cheryl Albrecht (University of Cincinnati)
Pamela Bach (University of Cincinnati)
Kristen Burgess (University of Cincinnati)
Leslie Schick (University of Cincinnati)

Reversing the Trend of Declining Survey Response Rates‐‐Was it Something We Did? | supplement | photo
Susan Bailey (Emory University)
Vincent Carter (Emory University)
Stacey Martin (Emory University)

Dartmouth College Library's Triennial Survey | photo
John Cocklin (Dartmouth College)

Coding Practices Decoded: Using NVivo Software to Analyze LibQUAL+® Comments
Sarah Dahlen (California State University, Monterey Bay)

Finding our Value: Developing a Survey that Shows Our Impact | photo
Victoria Goode (Johns Hopkins University)
Lori Rosman (Johns Hopkins University)
Stella Seal (Johns Hopkins University)
Jamie Blanck (Johns Hopkins University)
Sue Woodson (Johns Hopkins University)
Jack Chen (Johns Hopkins University)
Nancy Roderer (Johns Hopkins University)

Promotion Techniques to Build a Larger and More Representative Sample for Your Survey: Findings from LibQUAL+® | photo
David Green (Association of Research Libraries)
Henry Gross (Association of Research Libraries)

Judges' Choice   Building a 21st Century Learning Environment: The Power of LibQUAL+® Information to Foster Change! | photo
Carolyn Hart (Atlanta University Center)

Case Study of a Five Year Annual Computer Satisfaction Survey at University of Illinois at Chicago | photo
Timothy Klassen (University of Alberta)
Bob Daugherty (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Felicia Barrett (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Emily Guss (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Allison Holton (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Linda Naru (University of Illinois at Chicago)

"We Hope it Helps": The Impact of Incentives on LibQUAL+® Response Rates | photo
Jennifer Nutefall (Santa Clara University)

Judges' Choice   Doing LibQUAL+® at the Worst Possible Time: How Changes in the University and Library Affected Results | photo
Marcia Rapchak (Duquesne University)
Allison Brungard (Duquesne University)
David Nolfi (Duquesne University)
Tracie Ballock (Duquesne University)
Bridget Euliano (Duquesne University)
Joe Nelson (Duquesne University)

Boost Your Survey Results with People Power | photo
Octavious Spruill (North Carolina A&T State University)
Arneice Bowen (North Carolina A&T State University)
James Misse (North Carolina A&T State University)
Tiffany Russell (North Carolina A&T State University)


Assessing Technology Ownership and Use to Gain Insight for Planning and Purchasing | photo
Anita Dryden (University of Houston)
Beth German (University of Houston)
Damon Camille (University of Houston)

Judges' Choice   Breaking Barriers: A Qualitative Assessment of Library Use by Distance Education Students from Low Socio‐economic Backgrounds | photo
Anne Horn (Deakin University)
Sue Owen (Deakin University)
Michael Currie (Deakin University)

iPads as Clipboards: Simple, Portable Assessment | photo
Jennifer Jones (Georgia State University)

The Information Needs and Preferences of Interdisciplinary Social Scientists | photo
Nathaniel King (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Understanding STEM Faculty and Student Behaviors and Needs at the Florida State University | supplement | photo Kirsten Kinsley (Florida State University)
Rachel Besara (Florida State University)

Assessing Digital Engagement with Mobile Polls | photo
Megan McGlynn (University of Michigan)
Katherine Boss (Long Island University, Brooklyn)

Beyond Positive and Negative: A Taxonomy for Open‐Ended Comments | photo
Karen Neurohr (Oklahoma State University)

Science and Technology Undergraduate Students' Use of the Internet, Cell Phones and Social Networking Sites to Access Library Information | photo
Lutishoor Salisbury (University of Arkansas)
Jozef Laincz (University of Arkansas)
Jeremy J. Smith (University of Arkansas)

From Wyoming to York: A Cross‐Cultural Study of Student Experience and Expectations | photo
Stephen Town (University of York)
Jamie Kearley (University of Wyoming)

Using a Virtual Focus Group For Library Planning | photo
William Uricchio (University of Connecticut)

Value of Scholarly Article Reading to Graduate Work | photo
Rachel Volentine (University of Tennessee)
Liz Whitson (University of Tennessee)

Organizational Performance

Seven Times, Seven Ways: Engaging Staff in the Balanced Scorecard Process
Kathryn Ball (McMaster University)
Wade Wyckoff (McMaster University)

Designing a Balanced Scorecard during Leadership Changes: Implications for Strategy Development, Metrics & Initiatives | photo
Rachel Besara (Florida State University)
Kirsten Kinsley (Florida State University)

Assessment of Library Support for Academic Programs: Leveraging the Institutional Schedule for Program Reviews | photo
Felix Chu (Western Illinois University)

Re‐Building a Library Assessment Program: From Add‐On to Integrated | photo
Lynda Duke (Illinois Wesleyan University)

All Together Now! Designing and Implementing a Review Process and Services for Library Assessment Projects | photo
Heather Gendron (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Implementing an Instruction Program Assessment Plan: A Case Study in Stakeholder Buy‐in, Goal Setting, Successful Outcomes, and Sustainability | photo
Christina Gola (University of Houston)

Research Libraries: Achieving a Balance between Innovation and Organizational Performance
Ronald Jantz (Rutgers University)

Library Involvement in Campus‐wide Accreditation | photo
Laurel Littrell (Kansas State University)

Adding Project Management Skills and Techniques to the Assessment Toolkit at Washington University Libraries | photo
Carol Mollman (Washington University in St. Louis)

AL Seeks DS: Building a Cross‐Campus Collaboration that Supports Learning and Assessment | photo
Linda Musser (Pennsylvania State University)

"We Don't Have an Agenda.... But We Need One!" Launching an Assessment Agenda for Improving User Experience at Northwestern | photo
Devin Savage (Northwestern University)

Using Project Charts to Plan, Manage, and Assess Library Initiatives | photo
Daardi Sizemore (Minnesota State University)
Jessica Schomberg (Minnesota State University)

Metrics Madness: Facilitating an Organizational Culture of Assessment at the University of Michigan Library
Judith Smith (University of Michigan)
Emily Campell (University of Michigan)
Helen Look (University of Michigan)

Judges' Choice   What's the Story, Morning Glory? A Content Analysis of Land‐Grant Universities Libraries Assessment and Fact Pages | photo
Rick Stoddart (Oregon State University)

Reference & Research Services

Reference Transactions at the University of Kansas Libraries: An Analysis and Assessment from 2008‐2010 | photo
Frances Devlin (University of Kansas)
John Stratton (University of Kansas)

Coding Reference, an Analytical Approach to Assessment | photo
Steven Heslip (Johns Hopkins University)
Margaret Burri (Johns Hopkins University)
Ellen Keith (Johns Hopkins University)

Web‐scale Search and Virtual Reference Service: How Summon is Impacting Research Support
William Meredith (Royal Roads University)

Judges' Choice   Avoiding the Runaround: Implementing DeskStats to Improve User Experience | photo
Sarah Northam (Texas A&M University ‐ Commerce)
Gail Johnston (Texas A&M Unviersity ‐ Commerce)

Reference Transactions On the Move: Identifying and Capturing Information Contact Statistics Throughout the Library | photo
Amanda Clay Powers (Mississippi State University)

Making the Grade: How Research by Appointment Makes an Impact | photo
Judith Ungar (Harrisburg Area Community College)
Maoria Kirker (Harrisburg Area Community College)

Questions of Quality & Staffing Patterns in IM Reference: Assessment Driven Best Practices | photo
Amanda Youngbar (Towson University)
Melissa Ravely (Towson University)
Patricia MacDonald (Towson University)


Participatory Design in Redesigning an Academic Library: Asking Students About their Favorite Study Places | photo
Lutgarda Barnachea (University of Maryland)
Stacey Grijalva (The Universities at Shady Grove)
M. Jane Williams (University of Maryland)

Judges' Choice   The Suma Project: An Open‐Source, Mobile Tool Enabling Observational Data Collection and Analysis | photo
Joyce Chapman (Triangle Research Libraries Network)
Jason Casden (North Carolina State University)

Write on the Wall: Soliciting Student Input for Library Renovation | photo
Wanda Dole (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
J.B. Hill (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Anne Liebst (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
Suzanne Martin (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)

Assessing Student Perceptions and Uses of New Library Spaces | photo
Dana Gierdowski (North Carolina State University)
Kim Duckett (North Carolina State University)

Participatory Design for a Harvard Undergraduate Library Teaching and Learning Space | photo
Cheryl LaGuardia (Harvard University)
Laura Farwell Blake (Harvard University)

Assessing Student Needs Through Discovery | photo
Charla Lancaster (Virginia Tech)
Monena Hall (Virginia Tech)
Brian Mathews (Virginia Tech)

Continuous Observation: A Powerful Assessment Tool
Ann Medaille (University of Nevada, Reno)
Carolyn Adams (University of Nevada, Reno)

Using University ID Data to Track the Use of Library Facilities
Daniel O'Mahony (Brown University)

Assessing Library Spaces with an Undergraduate Ethnographic Methods Class: A Spooky Proposition? | photo
Olivia Reinauer (University of Richmond)
Travis Smith (University of Richmond)

Participatory Design in Redesigning an Academic Library: Capturing Users' Work through Structured Observations | photo
Nedelina Tchangalova (University of Maryland)
Lutgarda Barnachea (University of Maryland)
M. Jane Williams (University of Maryland)

The Role of Participatory Design in Redesigning an Academic Library: Capturing Users' Work through an Artistic Lens | photo
Tanner Wray (University of Maryland)
Cinthya Ippoliti (University of Maryland)
Yelena Luckert (University of Maryland)
Nedelina Tchangalova (University of Maryland)
Lutgarda Barnachea (University of Maryland)
M. Jane Williams (University of Maryland)


Helping Users Find Their Way: Usability Testing of Subject Guides at Duke University Libraries | photo
Erin Carrillo (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

From Morae Testing to Real Actions Witnessed: Increasing the Impact of Usability Testing at Cornell University Library | photo
Gabriela Castro Gessner (Cornell University)
Mary Beth Martini‐Lyons (Cornell University)

Judges' Choice   "Instruction...that just bugs me!" Using Card‐Sorting to Arrange Menu Items on an Academic Library Homepage | photo
Kymberly Goodson (University of California, San Diego)

Usability Study Uncovers Excessive Archival Jargon | photo
Cynthia Harbeson (Appalachian State University)

Collaborative Assessment and Usability: Effectively Reaching Across Departments | photo
Anne Pemberton (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
Lisa Coats (University of North Carolina Wilmington)
Laura Wiegand (University of North Carolina Wilmington)

Special Collections Web Usability Testing: A Case Study at the University of Washington Libraries
Jennifer Ward (University of Washington)