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Library Assessment Conference

Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

2018 Library Assessment Conference
Houston, Texas
December 5–7, 2018

2010 Library Assessment Conference

2010 Library Assessment Conference:
Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment
Baltimore, Maryland
October 25-27, 2010

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Conference Proceedings: Download PDF (22MB)

The vibrant 2010 Library Assessment Conference, held October 25–27, 2010 in Baltimore, attracted more than 470 professionals interested in library assessment. The conference website now includes detailed information about the event including keynotes, presentations, and poster sessions.

The robust program offered plenary sessions from keynote speakers Fred Heath (University of Texas), Joe Matthews (JRM Consulting), Danuta Nitecki (Drexel University), Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse University), and Stephen Town (University of York, UK), and from other experts in the field—Charles Lowry (ARL), David Shulenburger (Association of Public and Land-grant Universities), and Winston Tabb (Johns Hopkins University). The program offered presentations from more than 60 papers, 80 posters, and two full-day and four half-day workshops. Topics included teaching and learning, library space, service quality (LibQUAL+®), assessment in practice, organizational performance, value and impact, usability, qualitative assessment, digital libraries, information services, marketing and advocacy, collections, and more.

The Library Assessment Career Achievement awards were presented to three luminaries in the field—Gordon Fretwell, Roswitha Poll, and Kendon Stubbs. You can see the introductory speeches for Mr. Fretwell (Martha Kyrillidou, ARL) and Mr. Stubbs (Jim Self, University of Virginia) below. Roswitha Poll’s award was offered in absentia.

Multiple pre- and post-conference workshops focused on such specific issues as learning outcomes, LibQUAL+®, graphical data presentation, return on investment, the Balanced Scorecard, and telling the story of library value.

The conference featured an evening Poster Reception with 80 peer-reviewed posters including organizational performance, methods (including space and surveys), learning, collections, and LibQUAL+®. Poster authors came from around the world and from a variety of institutions.

During the reception, experts on each of the topics judged the posters on content (benefit for practice, appropriateness of methodology, etc.) and aesthetics (logical organization, visual attraction) to select twelve Judges’ Choice awards. From these twelve posters, attendees had the opportunity to vote on two People’s Choice awards for the posters.

The 2010 Library Assessment Conference Planning Committee wishes to thank all of the presenters and participants for an engaging, productive, and gratifying conference.

Conference Co-Chairs:
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Jim Self, University of Virginia

2010 Conference Planning Committee:
John Bertot, University of Maryland
Sam Kalb, Queen's University
Liz Mengel, Johns Hopkins University
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Kathy Perry, VIVA Consortium
Bill Potter, University of Georgia
Roberta Shaffer, Library of Congress
Agnes Tatarka, University of Chicago
Stephen Town, University of York (UK)

Finally, we express our deep appreciation to the sponsoring organizations and to the Association of Research Libraries, University of Virginia Library, and the University of Washington Libraries for their unstinting commitment to and support of assessment and this conference.

2010 Program Schedule



October 24




Full-Day Pre-Conference Workshops
(optional/additional registration fee)

Getting Started with Learning Outcomes Assessment: Purposes, Practical Options, and Impact
Leader: Megan Oakleaf (iSchool, Syracuse University)
More details

Working Effectively with LibQUAL+®
Leaders: Raynna Bowlby and Martha Kyrillidou (Association of Research Libraries)
More details



October 25


Registration desk opens / Continental breakfast


Welcome & Opening
Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou, and Jim Self (Conference Co-Chairs)


Plenary I
Fred Heath
Library Assessment: The Way We Have Grown
Keynote paper




Plenary II
Megan Oakleaf on Learning Outcomes and the Library
Are They Learning? Are We? Learning Outcomes & the Academic Library

Danuta Nitecki on Assessment of Library Spaces
Space Assessment as a Venue for Defining the Academic Library
Keynote Papers




Parallel Session 1

Teaching and Learning I

Assessment = Improved Teaching and Learning: Using Rubrics to Measure Information Literacy Skills
Kathryn Crowe, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Using A Rubric To Assess Freshman English Library Instruction
Susan Gardner, Loyola Marymount University
Elisa Slater Acosta, Loyola Marymount University

But What Did They Learn? What Classroom Assessment Can Tell You About Student Learning
Catherine Pellegrino, Saint Mary's College
Follow up on attendees' minute papers on Catherine's blog

Library Space I

Longitudinal Assessment of "User-Driven" Library Commons Spaces
Robert Fox, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ameet Doshi, Georgia Institute of Technology

LibQUAL+® and the Information Commons Initiative at Buffalo State College: 2003 to 2009
Eugene Harvey, Buffalo State College (SUNY)
Maureen A. Lindstrom, Buffalo State College (SUNY)

An Assessment of the Bass Library as a Learning Commons Environment
Cheryl A. McCarthy, University of Rhode Island
Danuta A. Nitecki, Drexel University

Service Quality - LibQUAL+®

Canada Lite: Impact of LibQUAL+® Lite on the Members of the LibQUAL+® Canada Consortium
Sam Kalb, Queen's University
Sylvain Champagne, Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC) Montréal
Susan Czarnocki, McGill University
Eun-ha Hong, Wilfred Laurier University

Does Using Item Sampling Methods in Library Service Quality Assessment Compromise Data Integrity or Zone of Tolerance Interpretation?: A LibQUAL+® Lite Study
Bruce Thompson, Texas A&M University
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Colleen Cook, Texas A&M University

Coding Practices for LibQUAL+® Comments: Survey Findings
Lynda White, University of Virginia
Eric Ackermann, Radford University
Karen Neurohr, Oklahoma State University
Daniel O'Mahony, Brown University




Parallel Session 2

Teaching and Learning II

Assessing a Library within a University Context
Ryan Johnson, University of Mississippi

The Impact of Library Instruction on Freshman Performance and Retention
Rachel Kirk, Middle Tennessee State University
Jason Vance, Middle Tennessee State University
Justin G. Gardner, Middle Tennessee State University

Finding the Library: An Institutional Assessment of the Undergraduate Experience
Carol Shepstone, Mount Royal University

Library Space II

You Don't Say? Students at the University of Virginia Come Clean When Asked "What Are You Doing and How Can We Help?"
Matt Ball, University of Virginia
Meridith Wolnick, University of Virginia

Multiple Methodologies for Space Assessment to Support Learning
Karen Diller, Washington State University Vancouver
Sue F. Phelps, Washington State University Vancouver

Assessment in Practice

Towards Democratizing Library Data: Data Management and Sharing in the Institutional Repository
Margaret Friesen, University of British Columbia
Bailey Diers, University of British Columbia
Suher Zaher-Mazawi, University of British Columbia

Know thy user: The Duke Libraries User Studies Initiative
Diane Harvey, Duke University
Yvonne Belanger, Duke University
Emily Daly, Duke University
Linda Daniel, Duke University

Sustaining Feedback: Assessment in the Liberal Arts College Library
Lucretia McCulley, University of Richmond


Reception Speech
Charles Lowry, Executive Director, Association of Research Libraries
We Don’t Know What The Future Will Be, Only That There Will Be One: The ARL 2030 Scenarios Project

Library Assessment Career Achievement Award Presentations
Gordon Fretwell, introduced by Martha Kyrillidou
Kendon Stubbs, introduced by Jim Self


Dinner and Poster Reception
Poster Presentations



October 26


Registration desk opens / Continental breakfast


Plenary III
Stephen Town on Value and Impact
Value, Impact and the Transcendent Library: Progress and Pressures in Performance Measurement and Evaluation

Joe Matthews on Performance Measures & Balanced Scorecard
Assessing Organizational Effectiveness: The Role of Frameworks
Keynote papers




Parallel Session 3

Organizational Performance I

Serving Multiple Stakeholders: Crafting a "Blended" Scorecard at the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries
Katherine Chew, University of Minnesota
Erinn E. Aspinall, University of Minnesota

Building Scorecards in Academic Research Libraries: Organizational Issues and Measuring Performance
Vivian Lewis, McMaster University
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Elizabeth Mengel, Johns Hopkins University
Donna Tolson, University of Virginia

Value and Impact I

Still Bound for Disappointment? Another Look at Faculty and Library Journal Collections
Jennifer Rutner, Columbia University
Jim Self, University of Virginia

Value of Libraries: Relationships between Provision, Usage and Research Outcomes
Michael Jubb, Research Information Network
Ian Rowlands, University College London
David Nicholas, University College London

The Link Among Purposes for Which Faculty Read Scholarly Journals, Their Information Seeking Patterns, Aspect of Use, Value or Outcomes from Reading and the Return-on-Investment of Academic Journal Collections
Donald King, Bryant University and University of North Carolina
Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee


A Usable Movable Feast: Usability and the Mobile Library Website
James MacKenzie, University of New Brunswick
Lesley Balcom, University of New Brunswick
Jeff Carter, University of New Brunswick

LibGuides Usability Testing: Customizing a Product to Work for Your Users
Christine Tawatao, University of Washington
Rachel Hungerford, University of Washington
Lauren Ray, University of Washington
Jennifer Ward, University of Washington

Librarians Do It Differently: Comparative Usability Testing with Students and Library Staff
Nancy Turner, Syracuse University


Lunch and Plenary IV
David Shulenburger, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
The Relationship Between University Assessment and Library Assessment


Parallel Session 4

Organizational Performance II

Analyzing the MISO Data: Broader Perspectives on Library and Computing Trends
Laurie Allen, Haverford College
Neal Baker, Earlham College
Joshua Wilson, Brandeis University
Kevin Creamer, University of Richmond
David Consiglio, Bryn Mawr College

Are We There Yet? Aligning Planning and Metrics - Strategically
Raynna Bowlby, Library Management Consulting

Performance Measurement: Organizational Changes and Outcomes Monitoring
Kay Chapa, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Kelly Gonzalez, UT Southwestern Medical Center
Richard Wayne, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Value and Impact II

Measuring Use of Licensed Electronic Resources: A Progress Report on the Second Iteration of the MINES for Libraries® Survey on Scholars Portal and Other Resources for the Ontario Council of University Libraries
Catherine Davidson, York University
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Terry Plum, Simmons College
Dana Thomas, Ryerson University

"What's So Special About Special Collections?" Or, Assessing the Value Special Collections Bring to Academic Libraries
Christian Dupont, Atlas Systems, Inc.
Elizabeth Yakel, University of Michigan


Ethnography as an Assessment Tool, The ERIAL Project
Andrew D. Asher, The ERIAL Project
Lynda Duke, Illinois Wesleyan University

The Librarian-Student-Faculty Triangle: Conflicting Research Strategies?
Nancy Fried Foster, University of Rochester

Persona Development and Use, or, How to Make Imaginary People Work for You
Jennifer Ward, University of Washington




Parallel Session 5

Organizational Performance III

Measuring the Value of Library Resources and Student Academic Performance through Relational Datasets
Margie Jantti, University of Wollongong
Brian Cox, University of Wollongong

Cutting the Knot: A Holistic and Pragmatic Framework for Public Services Measures
Zsuzsa Koltay, Cornell University
Elena MacGurn, Cornell University

Academic Library Administrators' Uses and Perceptions of Performance Measurement Information in the Strategic Development of Competitive Responses
Larry Nash White, East Carolina University

Value and Impact III

The Value of Academic Libraries: Findings and Implications for the Profession
Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Mary Ellen Davis, Association of College and Research Libraries

What Impact Do Academic Libraries Have on Teaching and Learning? A Review of the Literature and Preliminary Taxonomy of Standards
Rachel Fleming-May, University of Tennessee
Crystal Sherline, University of Tennessee

Data Farms or a Field of Dreams? Libraries Can Build Infrastructure for Collaborative Assessment.
Joe Zucca, University of Pennsylvania

Digital Libraries

Engaging Library Websites Users Through Usability Testing and Inquiries Using Morae
Fagdeba Bakoyema, Middle Tennessee State University

Assessing Quality of Digital Objects Created in Large Scale Digitization
Emily Campbell, University of Michigan

Evaluating Usage of Non-Text Resources Within and Beyond the Online Environment
Stephanie Krueger, ARTstor
Anna Perricci, ARTstor


Buses start pick up for reception
Alternative transportation: Charm City Circulator bus, 30 minute walk, taxi


Conference Reception, Peabody Library
Welcoming Remarks: Winston Tabb, Dean of University Libraries and Museums, Johns Hopkins University



October 27


Registration / Continental breakfast


Parallel Session 6

Information Services

Ask the Expert: Using Expertise Domains for Library Service Assessment
Amy Brunvand, University of Utah

Instant Messaging, a Synchronous Virtual Reference Tool that Mirrors Higher Education’s Mission and Students’ Needs: How Grounded Theory Placed the Library in the Middle of the Mix
Sarah Passonneau, Iowa State University
Dan Coffey, Iowa State University

Renewals and Interlibrary Loans in Libraries: An Analysis of Affordances and Changing User Behavior
Niels Ole Pors, Royal School of Library and Information Science

Data and Libraries

The Future of Academic Librarians in the Workforce: A Ten-Year Forecast of Librarian Supply and Demand
José-Marie Griffiths, Bryant University
Donald King, Bryant University and University of Tennessee

Assessing Public Library Use of the Internet: A Sixteen Year Perspective
John Bertot, University of Maryland
Charles R. McClure, Florida State University

Conducting Practical Library Assessments that Promote Program Change and Improvements
Lauren Mandel, Florida State University
Charles R. McClure, Florida State University
Bradley Wade Bishop, University of Kentucky
John T. Snead, University of Oklahoma

Research in Progress

On Becoming a Process-Focused Library
Susan Bailey, Emory University
Claudia Dale, Emory University

Developing a Library Value Indicator for a Disciplinary Population
Jeanne M. Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Cultural Heritage Informatics and the GSLIS Digital Curriculum Laboratory: A Cyberlearning Platform for the Evaluation of Digital Asset Management Systems in the Context of Student Learning Outcomes: A Progress Report
Terry Plum, Simmons College
Jeannette Bastian, Simmons College
Ross Harvey, Simmons College
Martha Mahard, Simmons College

Interdisciplinary Collection Assessment Model
Allison Sivak, University of Alberta

Recruiting for Results: Assessment Skills and the Academic Library Job Market
Scott Walter, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University




Parallel Session 7

Organizational Performance IV: ClimateQUAL®

ClimateQUAL® and Thinklets: Using ClimateQUAL® with Thinklets to Facilitate Discussion and Set Priorities for Organizational Change at Criss Library
Nora Hillyer, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Audrey DeFrank, University of Nebraska at Omaha

After the Data: Taking Action on ClimateQUAL® Results
Elizabeth Mengel, Johns Hopkins University
Judith Smith, University of Michigan
Elizabeth Uzelac, Northwestern University

Striving for Excellence: Climate Matters
Shelley Phipps, University of Arizona
Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut
Shikha Sharma, University of Connecticut

Marketing and Advocacy

Cycling Through: Paths Libraries Take to Marketing Electronic Resources
Marie Kennedy, Loyola Marymount University

Truth-Telling and Survey Methods in Advocacy Research: A Call for the Formation of the Flat Venus Society in Library Assessment
Ray Lyons, Independent Consultant

Marketing and Assessment in Academic Libraries: A Marriage of Convenience or True Love?
Lynne Porat, University of Haifa


Using an Availability Study to Assess Access to Electronic Articles
Janet Crum, Oregon Health & Science University

Focus on Circulation Snapshots: A Powerful Tool for Print Collection Assessment
Richard Entlich, Cornell University

Monographic Duplication Analysis to Inform Consortial Collection Development
Leslie Horner Button, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Rachel Lewellen, University of Massachusetts Amherst


Lunch / Conference Close


Afternoon Half-Day Post-Conference Workshops
(optional/additional registration fee)

Best Practices in Graphical Data Presentation
Leaders: Ray Lyons
More details

Successful Current Practices: Getting Returns on Investment (ROI)!
Leaders: Neal Kaske (NOAA) and Roberta Shaffer (Library of Congress)
More details

Successfully Managing Change with the Balanced Scorecard
Leader: Donna Tolson (University of Virginia)
More details

Telling the Story
Leader: John Bertot (University of Maryland)
More details