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Library Assessment Conference

Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

2018 Library Assessment Conference
Houston, Texas
December 5–7, 2018

2014 Poster Presentations

Poster program -- Poster abstracts

Teaching and Learning

Implementing a Practical Four-Phase Information Literacy Assessment Cycle at HKUST Library | Photo
Victoria Caplan, Eunice Wong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

What Does Learning Look Like? Finding Our Way Through Decentralized Bibliographic Instruction to Shared Information Literacy Program | Photo
Gabriela Castro Gessner, Lance J. Heidig (Cornell University)

Assessing Information Literacy Instruction in the Virtual Sphere | Photo
Paula Dempsey (University of Illinois at Chicago)

First Place
In the Mix: A Student-Centered Approach to Needs Assessment Survey Development | Photo
Jessica Hagman, Chris Guder, Hilary Bussell  (Ohio University)

Streamlining Assessment in the Special Collections Classroom: Building and Implementing the Class Request Tool | Photo
Emilie Hardman (Harvard University)

One Librarian’s Trash is Another’s  ... Artifact? Methods for Assessing Instructional Design Performance | Photo
Steven Hoover (Syracuse University)

Check, Please! Using a Checklist for Quick Information Literacy Assessment | Photo
Nia Lam, Beth Sanderson (University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College)

Librarians Matter! Librarian Impact on First-Year Student  Information Literacy Skills at Five Liberal Arts Colleges | Photo
Sara Lowe, Char Booth, Sean Stone, Natalie Tagge  (Claremont Colleges)
Use of a Rubric to Assess Student Learning in an E-Portfolio Project | Photo
Ann Medaille (University of Nevada)

Program Assessment of a Threshold Concept: Practice  and Application | Photo
Sara Seely, Ashley Downs, Andrew Grewell (Portland Community College)

A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Using Popular Media to Teach Information Literacy Concepts | Photo
Eamon Tewell (Long Island University Brooklyn)

Cut! How Assessing Student Learning Helped Us Focus our Video Production | Photo
Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, Elise Nacca (University of Texas)

Data and Collections

Evaluation of Electronic Book Utilization as a Text Book for the Undergraduate Student | Photo
Ola Bayan (Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport)

Using In-depth Assessment to Save the Curriculum Library | Photo
Shailoo  Bedi, Chelsea Garside  (University of Victoria)

Large Scale Collection Analysis: A Collaborative Approach | Photo
Susan Edwards, Jim Church, Jennifer Dorner, Lyn Paleo, Hilary Schiraldi, Jon Stiles (University of California, Berkeley)
Austin McClean  (ProQuest)

Using Peer Comparisons  to Develop Persuasive Narratives for Collection Budget Negotiations | Photo
Linda Plunket, Steve Smith (Boston University)

Disciplinary Differences in Applying E-journal Usage Metrics | Photo
Jim Stemper, Katherine Chew, Caroline Lilyard, Mary Schoenborn (University of Minnesota)

Organizational Performance

A Revised Merit Fund Assignment System for Academic Librarians | Photo
Jessica Adamick (University of Massachusetts Amherst)

Getting a Lock on the Questions: Assessing International Branch Libraries | Photo
Rachel Besara (Florida State University)

Qualitative Analysis of Academic Program Review  Reports: UC Berkeley Library’s Collaborative, Research-driven Approach to Gaining Insight for Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement | Photo
Elizabeth Dupuis, Jeffery L. Loo (University of California, Berkeley)

Partnering with Librarians: Collaborating as MLIS Students | Photo
Erin Eldermire, Amanda B. Albert (Syracuse University)
Using Assessment to Leverage Collaboration with the Campus Writing Center | Photo
Heidi Gauder, Hector Escobar (University of Dayton)

The Drive to Create an Assessment Plan: A Department Head’s Roadmap | Photo
Leo Lo (University of Alabama)
Adriana Gonzalez (Kansas State University)

Minority Representation in US ARL University Libraries as of 2012-2013: Taking a Closer Look at the Evidence | Photo | Handout
Shaneka Morris, Martha Kyrillidou (Association of Research  Libraries)

Integrating Library Assessment into Curriculum Reviews | Photo
Lori Ricigliano (University of Puget Sound)

Organizational Climate and Diversity: Lessons Learned | Photo
Kate Zoellner (University of Montana)


Third Place
Using GIS to Facilitate Data Driven Decision Making | Photo
Jason Glatz (Western Michigan University)

Assessing Transcendence: Do Spaces that Inspire Meet Students’  Desires? | Photo
Bruce Keisling, Robert E. Fox, Jr. (University of Louisville)

Outer  Spaces: Observing Campus Common Spaces to Learn About Library Space Usage | Photo
Ebony Magnus (Michigan State University)

How to Redesign Space Assessment Surveys in the Digital Age | Photo
Kelleen Maluski, Eimmy Solis (New York University)

"Library Space, Library Space, How Do Our Users Learn in This Place?” | Photo
Susan Montgomery (Rollins College)

Assessing an Informal Learning Space: Everyone “Loves” Our New Space, but How Do We Know That It’s Really Working? | Photo
Jim Munson  (University of California, San Francisco)

Evaluation of High-Density, Multipurpose Library Spaces | Photo
Gardner Treneman, Jonathan Cain (Hunter College, CUNY)

“Sweeping” Statistics | Photo
Shelie Vacek  (University of South Dakota)


The Role of the Academic Library in the Research Creation Process of Fine Arts Students | Photo
Shailoo Bedi, Christine Walde, Tad Suzuki, Bill Blair (University of Victoria)

Leveraging LibQUAL+ Results to Improve the Academic Library Experience | Photo
Marwin Britto, Carisa Polischuk (University of Saskatchewan)

Assessing Student Demand for Library Hours at UC Santa Cruz | Photo
Greg Careaga (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Comparing LibQUAL+ Comments: Comparative Analysis of Comments from the 2010 and 2013 Surveys at the University of Calgary | Photo
Claudette Cloutier, Susan Beatty (University of Calgary)

Exploring Methodologies for Identifying Impact: A Statistical Analysis of Library as Place Questions from LibQUAL+® at Washington State University Pullman 2003–2012 | Photo
Robert Ferguson, Steve Borrelli (Washington State University)

Collaborate to Ensure a Quality Evaluation Instrument | Photo | Bookmark
Judy Henning (University of South Africa)

From Transactions to Transformation: How Delaware Libraries are Using Dewey and Maslow to Achieve  the Delaware Dream | Photo
Annie Norman (Delaware Division of Libraries)

Defining  Runaround: The Student  Perspective | Photo
Kandace Rogers  (Sullivan University)

Can Data Drive Success? Implementing Instruction Evaluation Forms | Photo
Ashley Rosener, James Gulvas, Barbara Harvey, Anne Merkle, Emily Frigo (Grand Valley State University)

Second Place
Evaluating Library Contribution to Student Success | Photo
Dana Thomas, Weina Wang (Ryerson University)

Revealing Stories, Rethinking Services: Assessing the International Student Library Experience | Photo
Megan Watson, Alyssa  Berger, Leslie Bussert, Althea Lazzaro, Shardé  Mills, Danielle Rowland, Ana Villar  (University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia Community College)