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Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment

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2012 Proceedings

2012 Library Assessment Conference:
Building Effective, Sustainable, Practical Assessment
Charlottesville, Virginia
October 29-31, 2012

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Conference Proceedings

The 2012 Library Assessment Conference took place October 29-31, 2012 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Once again, we were amazed and gratified by the response of the library assessment community. In 2010, conference registration opened on May 18, and by July 9 we had 200 registrants. This year, registration opened in June and by July 26 there were already 540 registrants! As was the case with previous conferences, we closed registration early and went to a waiting list.

The biennial conference's goal is to build and further a vibrant library assessment community by bringing together interested practitioners and researchers who have responsibility or interest in the broad field of library assessment. The conference provided a mix of invited speakers, contributed papers and posters, and workshops that stimulated discussion and provided workable ideas for effective, practical and sustainable library assessment.

The 2012 program offered plenary sessions from keynote speakers John Lombardi (American University), John Simon (University of Virginia), Judith Eaton (Council for Higher Education Accreditation), and Siva Vaidyanathan (University of Virginia). The program also offered presentations from more than 60 papers, 80 posters, and three full-day and two half-day workshops. Topics included teaching and learning, library space, service quality (LibQUAL+®), assessment in practice, organizational performance, value and impact, usability, qualitative assessment, digital libraries, information services, marketing and advocacy, collections, and more.

The Library Assessment Career Achievement awards were presented to four luminaries in the field—Karin De Jager, Sam Kalb, Donald W. King, and Joan Rapp. You can see video tributes for Mr. Kalb and Mr. King, as well as reading the awardee's acceptance speeches here.

Multiple pre- and post-conference workshops focused on such specific issues as communicating library value, library space assessment, LibQUAL+®, learning outcomes assessment, and managing strategic change with the use of the Balanced Scorecard.

The conference featured an evening Poster Reception with 86 peer-reviewed posters including organizational performance, methods (including space and surveys), learning, collections, and LibQUAL+®. Poster authors came from around the world and from a variety of institutions.

During the reception, experts on each of the topics judged the posters on content (benefit for practice, appropriateness of methodology, etc.) and aesthetics (logical organization, visual attraction) to select nine Judges’ Choice awards. From these nine posters, attendees had the opportunity to vote on two People’s Choice awards for the posters.

The 2012 Library Assessment Conference Planning Committee wishes to thank all of the presenters and participants for an engaging, productive, and gratifying conference.

Conference Co-Chairs:
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
Jim Self, University of Virginia

2012 Conference Planning Committee:
Karen Diller, Washington State University Vancouver
David Green, Association of Research Libraries
Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Vivian Lewis, McMaster University
Liz Mengel, Johns Hopkins University
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Kathy Perry, VIVA Consortium
Bill Potter, University of Georgia
Donna Tolson, University of Virginia
Stephen Town, University of York (UK)

Finally, we express our deep appreciation to the sponsoring organizations and to the Association of Research Libraries, University of Virginia Library, and the University of Washington Libraries for their unstinting commitment to and support of assessment and this conference.

2012 Program Schedule



October 28


Registration (Omni Prefunction)


Workshop (Omni C)
Library Value: Conceptualizing, Capturing, and Communicating Impact
Leader: Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University



October 29


Registration desk opens (Omni Prefunction)
Breakfast (Paramount)


Welcome & Opening
Steve Hiller, Martha Kyrillidou, and Jim Self (Conference Co-Chairs)


Plenary I
Keynotes: Libraries and the Academy
John Lombardi: Living in the Cloud: Who Owns It, Who Pays for It, Who Keeps It Safe, and Will My Kids Inherit the Wind?




Plenary I
Keynotes: Libraries and the Academy
John Simon: Dollars and Sense: the New Financial Realities of Higher Education
Judith Eaton: Higher Education in a New Era of Public Accountability. What Does This Mean for You?


Bag Lunch distributed at the Paramount


Parallel Session 1

Value (Paramount)

What Do We Want to Know: Articulating a Research Agenda for the Value of Academic Libraries
Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Kara Malenfant, Association of College and Research Libraries

Assessment of the Use, Value and ROI of All Academic Library Services
Donald King, Bryant University
Carol Tenopir, University of Tennessee
Liz Whitson, University of Tennessee
Ben Birch, University of Tennessee

The Value of Our People: Towards a Scorecard for Human Capital in Academic and Research Libraries
Stephen Town, University of York
Jo Black, University of York
Ian Hall, University of York

Data and Impact (Omni C)

The ARL Investment Index Revisited: In Search of Reliable and Valid Indicators of Extensiveness of Research Libraries in the 21st Century
Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries
William Grey Potter, University of Georgia
Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut
Collen Cook, McGill University
Bruce Thompson, Texas A&M University

Measuring the Impact of Electronic Library Materials on the University's Research Mission
Michael Rawls, Virginia Commonwealth University

Using Library User Surveys to Assess the Library's Impact on Student Outcomes
John Stemmer, Bellarmine University
David M. Mahan, Bellarmine University

Information Services (Omni B)

Using a Mixed Method Approach to Assessing Roaming Services: A Case Study
Consuella Askew, Florida International University
Marissa Ball, Florida International University

Shop Your Way to Service Excellence: Secret Shopping for Academic Libraries
Kathryn Crowe, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Agnes K. Bradshaw, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Secret Shoppers in the Library
Jennifer Jones, Georgia State University




Parallel Session 2

Organizational Performance (Paramount)

Do We Have What it Takes?: Assessing Liaison Librarians’ Skill Sets to Build Strong Partnerships and Ensure Better Outreach in a Quickly Changing Research and Learning Environment
Denise Hersey, Yale University
Francine DeFranco, University of Connecticut

The Quality Maturity Model: Your Roadmap to a Culture of Quality
Frankie Wilson

One Size Doesn't Fit All? Harnessing Multiple Assessment Frameworks to Build the Value Proposition for the Organisation
Meredith Martinelli, Macquarie University
Jennifer Peasley, Macquarie University

Teaching and Learning I (Omni C)

Utilizing Cross-Campus Collaboration to Improve the Assessment of Information Literacy
Nisa Bakkalbasi, Columbia University
Jason Kopp, James Madison University
Johnathan Paulo, James Madison University
Donna Sundre, James Madison University
Stefanie Warlick, James Madison University
Sara Williams, James Madison University

Library Faculty and Instructional Assessment: Creating a Culture of Assessment through the High Performance Programming Model of Organizational Transformation
Meredith Farkas, Portland State University
Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Collaborating with Campus Assessment Services to Evaluate Information Literacy Skills of Graduating Undergraduates
Irene Ke, University of Houston
Christina Gola, University of Houston

New Roles (Omni B)

Too Much Assessment, Not Enough R&D
Brian Mathews, Virginia Tech

Assessing the Library’s Grants Program
Jamie McGowan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Beth Sandore, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Is Experience the Best Teacher?: Field Experience and Student Learning in LIS Education Programs
Susan Searing, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Scott Walter, DePaul University
Tanner Wray, University of Maryland


Poster Session and Reception (Omni)

Poster Guide
Poster Abstracts by Theme



October 30


Breakfast (Paramount)


Plenary II
Keynotes: Libraries and the Academy
Siva Vaidyanathan: Library Assessment and Big Data: The Need for Ethical, Legal and Philosophical Analysis




Parallel Session 3

Space (Paramount)

TEALS (Tool for Evaluation of Academic Library Spaces) Project: Evaluating Physical Library Spaces
Neda Abbasi, Deakin University
Hisham Elkadi, Deakin University
Anne Horn, Deakin University
Sue Owen, Deakin University

Practical Research for Library Space and Service Design
Bertha Chang, North Carolina State University
Honora N. Eskridge, North Carolina State University

Designing and Assessing Library Services
Elliot Felix, Brightspot Strategy

Multidisciplinary Rethinking and Redesign of Library Space
Patricia Steele, University of Maryland
Nancy Fried Foster, University of Rochester

Teaching and Learning II (Omni West)

Project RAILS: Rubrics, Results, & Recommendations
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
Jackie Belanger, University of Washington, Bothell
Jenny Mills, Belmont University

Impact of Library Instruction in Different Academic Disciplines: An Analysis of Student Transcripts and Course Syllabi
Melissa Bowles-Terry, University of Wyoming

Rolling it up: The Evolution of an Information Literacy Assessment Plan
Elizabeth Dolinger, Keene State College

Assessment of Information Literacy as a Student Learning Outcome: Overcoming Barriers and Achieving Standards
Laura Saunders, Simmons College

User Assessment & Behavior (Omni East)

Collaborative Ethnographic Needs Assessment of Doctoral Students in the Humanities
Damon Jaggars, Columbia University
Kornelia Tancheva, Cornell University

Increasing the Impact & Value of a Graduate Level Research Methods Course by Embedding Assessment Librarians & Library Assessment
Kirsten Kinsley, Florida State University
Rachel Besara, Florida State University

Student Information Seeking Behaviors: A Case Study in Collaboration
Allyson Washburn, Brigham Young University
Sheila C. Bibb, Brigham Young University

Research Support Services for Scholars: Understanding Evolving Research Practices
Jennifer Rutner, Ithaka S+R
presented by Matthew Long, Ithaka S+R


Bag Lunch distributed at the Paramount


Parallel Session 4

Communicating Value (Paramount)

Telling the Story: Library Assessment for University Leadership
Donna Tolson, University of Virginia
Martha Sites, University of Virginia
Anda Webb, University of Virginia

Making the Case for Institutional Investment in Libraries: The Value of Evidence-Based Narratives
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Lizabeth Wilson, University of Washington

The ICOLC Balanced Scorecard Pilot: The Value of Collaborative Parallel Play
Katherine Perry, VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia
James Self, University of Virginia

Consortia Value: The Orbis Cascade Alliance
Nancy Slight-Gibney, University of Oregon
Faye A. Chadwell, Oregon State University
Steve Hiller, University of Washington
Donna Reed, Portland Community College

Special Collections (Omni West)

Data Driven Decision Making: A Holistic Approach to Assessment in Special Collections Repositories
Melanie Griffin, University of South Florida
Barbara Lewis, University of South Florida
Mark I. Greenberg, University of South Florida

Understanding the User’s Mental Model: An Evolving Design and Assessment Strategy for Archival Collection Description
Rachael Hu, California Digital Library
Brian Tingle, California Digital Library

Assessing Special Collections: How Do We Get from Where We Are to Where We Need to Be?
Merrilee Proffitt, OCLC Research

Methods for Measuring Return on Investment for Digitized Special Collections
Ken Wise, University of Tennessee
Gayle Baker, University of Tennessee

Discovery (Omni East)

Beyond Usability: Building Discovery Tool Requirements through User Stories
David Bietila, University of Chicago

“It’s All in the Metadata”: Towards a Better QA for Ebooks
Ravit David, University of Toronto and Scholars Portal
Dana Thomas, Ryerson University and Scholars Portal

“Feels Like You’ve Hit the Lottery”: Assessing the Implementation of a Discovery Layer Tool at Ryerson University
Courtney Lundrigan, York University
Kevin Manuel, Ryerson University
May Yan, Ryerson University

Did We Get What We Paid For? An Institutional Assessment of User Behavior, User Expectations, and System Performance of Web Scale Discovery Tools.
Doralyn Rossmann, Montana State University
Brian Rossmann, Montana State University


ARL Survey Coordinators Discussion (Omni A)


ClimateQUAL® Discussion (Omni A)


Conference Awards (Paramount)

Library Assessment Career Achievement
(Video tribute to Don King) (Video tribute to Sam Kalb)
Posters: Judges' and People's Choice


Conference Reception at the Paramount Theater

Paramount Theater



October 31


Continental Breakfast (Omni)


Parallel Session 5

Teaching and Learning III (Omni A)

Charting Success: Using Practical Measures to Assess Student Learning in a Peer2Peer Research Model
Annie Donahue, University of New Hampshire at Manchester

The A-Team: Making a Plan Come Together Across Campus
Rhonda Huisman, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Conversations with Students: Assessment Leads to Adjustment
Julie Petr, University of Kansas
Amalia Monroe-Gulick, University of Kansas

Assessment in the Organization (Omni B)

Assessing Assessment: A Framework to Evaluate Assessment Practices and Progress for Library Collections and Services
Nisa Bakkalbasi, Columbia University
Donna Sundre, James Madison University
Keston Fulcher, James Madison University

The Assessment Needs of a Data-Driven Organization
Lisa Horowitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Christine Quirion, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jennie Murack, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Collaborative Measures Building using the Balanced Scorecard in North American Libraries
Elizabeth Mengel, Johns Hopkins University
Vivian Lewis, McMaster University

Collections / E-Resources (Omni C)

Multi-Institution Circulation Patterns in a Cooperative Interlibrary Loan Program
Kathleen Bauer, Yale University

Mining eResource Data to Reveal Hidden Assets - How One School Dug Deeper into MINES to Illustrate the Value of eResources.
Catherine Davidson, York University
Aaron Lupton, York University

MINES for e-Books
Brinley Franklin, University of Connecticut
Terry Plum, Simmons College

Mixed Methods (James Monroe)

Quest for Continuous Improvement: Applying Feedback and Data Gathered through Multiple Methods to Evaluate and Improve Use of a Library's Discovery Tool
Jeanne Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Herding Cats, Knitting Fog, and Nailing Pudding to the Wall: Toward a Mixed-methods Approach to Evaluating Social Media Marketing in Libraries
Selene Colburn, University of Vermont

Defining User Experience in Libraries
Joe Gilbert, University of Virginia
Erin Mayhood, University of Virginia




Parallel Session 6

Institutional Data (Omni A)

Mining Library and University Data to Understand User Populations and Behavior
Scott Britton, University of Miami

Game of Clones: Using Analytical Research Data to Identify Institutional Peers and Collections Needs
Elizabeth Brown, Binghamton University

NCES Datasets and Library Value: An Exploratory Study of the 2008 Data
David Schwieder, University of Florida
Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

LibQUAL+® (Omni B)

Tracking Academic Outcomes: What LibQUAL+® Tells Us about How Users View Information Literacy Outcomes
Raynna Bowlby, Library Management Consultant and Simmons College
Daniel O'Mahoney, Brown University

Closing the Loop: Are Libraries Communicating Assessment Results to Students?
Meg Scharf, University of Central Florida
Nancy Cunningham, University of South Florida

York University Libraries Implementation of LibQUAL+® Triads
Dany Savard, York University
Marcia Salmon, York University
Aaron Lupton, York University

LibQUAL+® Triads Pilot: Results from the University of Manitoba Libraries
Marie Speare, University of Manitoba

Collections / E-Resources (Omni C)

User-defined Valued Metrics for Electronic Journals
Katherine Chew, University of Minnesota
James Stemper, University of Minnesota
Caroline Lilyard, University of Minnesota
Mary Schoenborn, University of Minnesota

Applying Performance Measurement to Safeguard Budgets: Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement of Electronic Journal Packages.
Selena Killick, Cranfield University

Electronic Collection Assessment and Benchmarking to Demonstrate the Value of Electronic Collections
Stephen Miller, University of Maryland University College


Affinity Lunch Discussions (Omni Meeting Rooms)

Accreditation, Higher Education Standards and Libraries
Moderator: Jeanne Brown, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Benchmarking with Other Libraries
Moderators: Vivian Lewis, McMaster University and Liz Mengel, Johns Hopkins University

Communicating Assessment Results
Moderator: Meg Scharf, University of Central Florida

Managing Library-related Data
Moderator: Joe Zucca, University Pennsylvania

Qualitative Methods
Moderator: Nancy Turner, Syracuse University

Space and Facilities Assessment
Moderator: Joan Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information

Value and Return On Investment
Moderator: Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Plenary III

State of Assessment

Quality Frameworks in Academic Libraries: Organizing and Sustaining Library Assessment Activities
Sarah Murphy, Ohio State University

Library Assessment Today: More than Numbers
Jim Self, University of Virginia

Closing Panel

Robert Fox, University of Louisville
Jennifer Nutefall, Santa Clara University
Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University

Thursday Workshops  

8:30am-3:30pm - Library Space Assessment: Bringing the Focus to Teaching and Learning (Omni A)
Leaders: Joan K. Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information, and Kim Duckett, North Carolina State University Libraries

8:30am-3:30pm - Working Effectively with LibQUAL+® (Omni B)
Leaders: Raynna Bowlby and Martha Kyrillidou, Association of Research Libraries

8:30am-3:30pm - Getting Started with Learning Outcomes Assessment: Purposes, Practical Options, and Impact (Omni C)
Leader: Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University

8:30am-Noon - Successfully Managing Strategic Change with the Balanced Scorecard (James Monroe)
Leaders: Donna Tolson, University of Virginia Library, Liz Mengel, Johns Hopkins University, and Vivian Lewis, McMaster University