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2016 Library Assessment Conference Program



October 30th

9:00 am–6:00 pm
Arlington Foyer


Registration Pickup


1:00–4:30 pm


Salon I



Getting the Message Out: Creating a Multi-Directional Approach to Communicating Assessment

     Leaders: Donna Tolson (University of Virginia) and Vivian
     Lewis (McMaster University)



Salon II



Introductory Data Visualization with Tableau
     Leaders: Rachel Lewellen (University of Massachusetts
     Amherst), Jeremy Buhler (University of British Columbia),
     and Sarah Murphy (The Ohio State University)



Salon V



Outcome(s) Assessment
     Leader: Martha Kyrillidou (Quality Metrics, LLC)


5:00–6:00 pm
Salons I & II


New Attendee Orientation




October 31st


8:00 am–5:00 pm
Arlington Foyer


Registration Pickup


9:00 am–5:00 pm
Salons A–E

Poster Set-Up and Storage

9:00–9:15 am
Salons III & IV




9:15–10:30 am
Salons III & IV

Plenary Session 1:
     Keynote I: Molly Broad, American Council on Education, Higher
     Education at a Crossroads
     Keynote II: Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at
     Urbana-Champaign, Sensemaking for Decisionmaking


10:30–11:00 am



11:00 am–12:30 pm

Salon III


Salon VI

Concurrent Session I


Session 1/Panel: Keynote Reaction Panel

     Margie Jantti, University of Wollongong
     Vivian Lewis, McMaster University
     Elliott Shore, Association of Research Libraries 
     Scott Walter, DePaul University


Session 2/Papers: Digital Libraries

Measuring the Impact of Digitizing 24,000 Print Theses and Dissertations at UMass Amherst
     Jessica Adamick, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Assessing the Digital Humanities Working Group Projects at the University of Florida
     Laura Spears, University of Florida
     Laurie Taylor, University of Florida

Research as Design—Design as Research: Applying Design Thinking to Data Management Needs Assessment
     Cinthya Ippoliti, Oklahoma State University

 Salon II

Session 3/Short Papers: Ithaka

Lessons from the 2015 UCSC Instance of the Ithaka S+R Student Survey
     Greg Careaga, University of California, Santa Cruz

Implementing the Ithaka Faculty Survey: Engaging Staff and Visualizing Findings
     Joyce Chapman, Duke University
     Emily Daly, Duke University

Investigating the Needs of Religious Studies Scholars: A Multi-Institutional Collaborative Approach
     Danielle Cooper, Ithaka S+R

Library as Research Site: The Local Value of Participating in a National Research Project
     Jenifer Gundry, Princeton Theological Seminary
     Virginia Dearborn, Princeton Theological Seminary

Visualizing Local Data: The Ithaka S+R Survey at UNLV
     Starr Hoffman, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
     Ashley Hernandez-Hall, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

Survey Administration Best Practices: Lessons Learned from the 2015 Ithaka S+R Faculty Survey
     Christine Wolff, Ithaka S+R

What Do Faculty Think? National & Local Perspectives from the Ithaka S+R Survey
     Christine Wolff, Ithaka S+R

 Salon V

Session 4/Short Papers: Space 1

Reading Library Spaces: Using Mobile Assessment to Complete Your Library’s Story
     Tobi Hines, Cornell University
     Camille Andrews, Cornell University
     Sara Wright, Cornell University

Evidence-Based Decision Making Using New Library Data
     Heather Scalf, University of Texas Arlington

Driving the BUS: A Multimodal Building Use Study and Needs Assessment
     Mandy Shannon, Wright State University

Mixing Measures: How We Used Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques to Assess Teaching and Learning in a New High-Tech Classroom
     Laura Taylor, Northern Arizona University
     Suzanne Pieper, Northern Arizona University

Don’t Dismiss Directional: Analyzing Reference Desk Interactions to Develop an Evidence-Based Content Strategy for a Digital Wayfinding System
     Christine Tobias, Michigan State University

Shh Stats: Mining the Library’s Chat Transcripts to Identify Patterns in Noise Complaints
     Jason Vance, Middle Tennessee State University

After the Ribbon Cutting: Creating and Executing an Efficient Assessment Plan for a Large-Scale Learning Space Project
     Krystal Wyatt-Baxter, University of Texas at Austin
     Michele Ostrow, University of Texas at Austin

Using Non-Library Student Collaboration to Inform the Design of a Library Family Room
     Holt Zaugg, Brigham Young University
     Jeff Belliston, Brigham Young University

12:30–1:30 pm
Salons III & IV


Boxed Lunch

Sponsor Presentations—SirsiDynix (Salon I)

1:30–3:15 pm


Salon III

Concurrent Session II


Session 5/Short Papers: Learning 1

Building CORA, the Community of Online Research Assignments
     Susan Archambault, Loyola Marymount University
     Lindsey McLean, Loyola Marymount University

Is It Working? Assessing the Effectiveness of Community College Information Literacy Instruction: Creating Developmentally Appropriate Outcomes and Improving Instruction Using the “Framework” as a Guide
     Heather Gillanders, Tacoma Community College

Adventures in Framework Assessment
     Anne Grant, Clemson University
     Camille Cooper, Clemson University

Implementing ACRL’s Assessment in Action Program at UNCG Libraries to Meet the Information Literacy Needs of Incoming Transfer Students
     Karen Grigg, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
     Lea Leininger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
     Jenny Dale, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Score! Using Competitive Assessment Approaches to Chart Growth in Critical Thinking and Information Literacy with Incoming Freshman Athletes
     Colleen Mullally, Pepperdine University
     John Watson, Pepperdine University

Dream of a Common Language: Developing a Shared Understanding of Information Literacy Concepts
     Deborah A. Murphy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Student Instructional Histories: An Approach to Assessing the Reach of an Information Literacy Program
     Erica Schattle and Josh Quan, Tufts University
     Megan Bresnahan, University of New Hampshire

Understanding Research: Assessing Library Impact on Academic Performance through an Online Courseware Pilot
     Ashley Shealy, Middle Tennessee State University
     Karen Dearing, Middle Tennessee State University

Academic Libraries’ Impact on Community College Student Success
     Katy Mathuews, Ohio University
     Brad Pulcini, Central Ohio Technical College

 Salon VI

Session 6/Short Papers: Collections/Digital

Do We Approve? New Models for Assessing Approval Plans
     Julie Linden, Yale University
     Sarah Tudesco, Yale University
     Daniel Dollar, Yale University

Mind the Gap: Using Patron Actions to Identify Holes in a Library’s Collection
     Qiana Johnson, Northwestern University

Developing a Sustainable Collection Assessment Strategy
     Michelle Leonard, University of Florida
     Steven Carrico, University of Florida

Applying the Principles of Total Library Assessment to Inform Sustainable Collection Development
     Michael Luther, Kennesaw State University
     Ana Guimaraes, Kennesaw State University

Just in Case or Just in Time? Time to Assess Area Studies Print Collections in Research Libraries
     Roxanne Peck, University of California, Los Angeles
     Osman Celik, University of California, Los Angeles
     David Hirsch, University of California, Los Angeles

Continuous Usability Testing: The Importance of Being Iterative When it Comes to Assessment and Development of the Library’s Digital Services
     Anneli Friberg, Linköping University

Community Efforts to Develop Best Practices in Digital Library Assessment
     Joyce Chapman, Duke University

 Salon II

Session 7/Papers: Organizational Issues 1

Measuring Impact of Liaison-Faculty Relationships
     Lisa Horowitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Courtney Crummett, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Tracy Gabridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Calculating the REACH of Engaged Librarians: A Lesson in Poka-Yoke Error Proofing
     Sarah Murphy, The Ohio State University

ARL’s Leadership and Career Development Program: An Incubator and Catalyst for Leadership Development
     Mark A. Puente, Association of Research Libraries
     Carlette Washington-Hoagland, University of Iowa

Using Appreciative Inquiry Methods to Build a Culture of Assessment and Library Instruction Program from the Bottom Up: Uncovering Librarian Values, Assumptions, Beliefs, and Best Practives
     Donna Harp Ziegenfuss, University of Utah

 Salon V

Session 8/Papers: Methods 1

Relationships between LibQUAL+® Outcomes and Service Quality Scores
     Colleen Cook, McGill University
     Martha Kyrillidou, Quality Metrics, LLC
     Bruce Thompson, Texas A&M University

The Illusory Holy Grail: Comprehensive Mixed-Methodology Assessment is No Better Than Using a Single Method; A Case Study on the 21st-Century Science Library
     Frankie Wilson, University of Oxford

Collaborative Libraries Assessment Across a Multi-Campus College
     Tanner Wray, Montgomery College
     Nancy Fried Foster, Ithaka S+R
     Cynthia Pfanstiehl, Montgomery College

Event Evaluation: Developing a Rubric for Assessing the Value of Library Programming
     Maurini Strub, University of Louisville
     Melissa Laning, University of Louisville

3:15–4:30 pm

Salon I

Salon IV

Salon III

Affinity Meetings:



LLAMA Assessment Section



5:30–7:00 pm

Salons A–E


Poster Session 1


7:00–9:30 pm

Sky View & Pre-Function Space


Conference Reception (Halloween Fun)




November 1st


9:00–9:10 am

Salons III & IV




8:00 am–5:00 pm
Arlington Foyer
Registration Pickup
9:00 am–3:00 pm
Salons A–E
Poster Set-Up and Storage

9:10–10:00 am

Salons III & IV

Plenary Session 2

     Keynote III: Brian Nosek, University of Virginia,
     Promoting an Open Research Culture


10:00–10:30 am



10:30 am–12:00 pm

Salon III

Concurrent Session III


Session 9/Panel: Keynote Reaction Panel


Salon II

Session 10/Short Papers: Organizational Issues 2

Assessing Your New Library Position: A Story about Creativity, Collaboration, and Collegiality
     Amanda Albert, Saint Louis University

How Well Do We Collaborate? Using Social Network Analysis (SNA) to Evaluate Engagement in Assessment Program
     Nisa Bakkalbasi, Columbia University in the City of New     

Acknowledging the Political, Economic, and Values-Based Motivators of Assessment Work: An Analysis of Publications on Academic Library Assessment
     Lise Doucette, Western University

Assessment as User Engagement: Using User Testing and Assessment to Build Investment in the Library’s Intranet
     Elizabeth Edwards, University of Chicago

Using Peers to Shed Light on Service Hours for Librarians
     Hector Escobar, University of Dayton
     Heidi Gauder, University of Dayton

Active Learning with Assessment
     Katharine Hall, Concordia University
     Meredith Giffin, Concordia University

Assessment Planning in the Time of Change
     Charissa Jefferson, California State University, Northridge
     Laurie Borchard, California State University, Northridge

Salon V

Session 11/Papers: Learning 2

Making It Work: Developing a Student-Centered Assessment Model for a Large-Scale Information Literacy Program
     Rachel Gammons, University of Maryland
     Lindsay Inge, University of Maryland

Multi-Method Assessment to Improve Library Instruction
     Zsuzsa Koltay, Cornell University
     Kornelia Tancheva, Cornell University

Using Images to Understand Students’ Approaches to the Research Process
     Ann Medaille, University of Nevada, Reno
     Molly Beisler, University of Nevada, Reno

Salon VI

Session 12/Papers: Value

A Toolkit for Efficient Reporting on the Library’s Value to Disparate Stakeholders
     Sarah Pickle, Claremont Colleges

Take Back the Data: The 21st-Century Library
     Kirsten Kinsley, Florida State University
     Lisa Horowitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lean Libraries Optimize Outcomes!
     Annie Norman, Delaware Division of Libraries

12:00–1:00 pm

Salons III & IV

Boxed Lunch
Sponsor Presentations—Project SAILS (Salon I)

1:00–2:45 pm


Salon V

Concurrent Session IV


Session 13/Short Papers: Methods 2

Academic Library Services and Undergraduate Academic Success: Trends in Research Literature (Handout)
     Ashlynn Kogut, Texas A&M University

Assessing User Engagement with Library Exhibits Using Eye Tracking
     Kris Markman, Harvard University

Why Seek Expertise in an Age of DIY? One Library’s Qualitative Approach to Understand When and Why Students Seek Reference Assistance
     Marc Vinyard, Pepperdine University
     Colleen Mullally, Pepperdine University
     Jaimie-Beth Colvin, Pepperdine University

There’s Method in the Madness: Understanding the Benefits and the Usage of Usability Methodologies in a Website Life Cycle
     Rachael Winterling, University of North Carolina at

Assessment by Design: A Design Thinking Project at the University of Washington Libraries (Handout)
     Jackie Belanger, University of Washington
     Linda Garcia, University of Washington
     John Danneker, University of Washington
     Amelia Klaus, University of Washington
     Christine Tawatao, University of Washington
     Stephen Weber, University of Washington
     Linda Whang, University of Washington

Using Informal Learning Spaces and Non-Traditional Methods to Assess Student Success
     Anna Sandelli, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
     Sojourna Cunningham, University of Richmond

Building on Success: Increasing the Impact of an In-House User Satisfaction Survey
     Emily Daly, Duke University

So Everyday: Interviews with Academic Researchers to Understand Their Day-to-Day
     Erin Eldermire, Cornell University
     Neely Tang, Cornell University

Salon II

Session 14/Papers: Organizational Issues 3

Measuring the Effectiveness of a Research Continuing Education Opportunity for Librarians: Institute for Research Design in Librarianship (IRDL), 2014–2016
     Kristine Brancolini, Loyola Marymount University
     Marie R. Kennedy, Loyola Marymount University

Proficiencies for Assessment Librarians and Coordinators: Defining a Profession
     Mark Emmons, University of New Mexico
     Lisa Horowitz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Carol Mollman, Washington University in St. Louis
     Megan Oakleaf, Syracuse University
     Terry Taylor, DePaul University
     Alice Daugherty, Louisiana State University
     Zoltán Szentkiráli, Southern Methodist University

Creating Sustainable Assessment Practice through Collaborative Leadership: Informing and Being Informed by Higher Education Leaders
     Lisa Hinchliffe, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
     Kara Malenfant, Association of College and Research Libraries
     Karen Brown, Dominican University

Salon III

Session 15/Papers: Space 2

A Day in the Life: Practical Strategies for Understanding Student Space-Use Practices
     Andrew Asher, Indiana University
     Juliann Couture, University of Colorado, Boulder
     Maura Smale, City University of New York, City Tech
     Jean Amaral, Borough of Manhattan Community College, CUNY
     Barbara Fister, Gustavus Adolphus College
     Donna Lanclos, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
     Sara Lowe, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
     Mariana Regalado, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Lead Users: A Strategy for Predictive, Context-Sensitive Service and Space Design
     Ameet Doshi, Georgia Institute of Technology
     Elliot Felix, brightspot strategy

From Data to Development: Using Qualitative Data to Create New Ideas and Solutions
     Ingela Wahlgren, Lund University
     Åsa Forsberg, Lund University

Space: Describing and Assessing Library and Other Learning Spaces
     Bob Fox, University of Louisville
     Steve Hiller, University of Washington
     Martha Kyrillidou, Quality Metrics, LLC
     Joan Lippincott, CNI

3:30–5:00 pm

Salons A–E


Poster Session 2


Leaders & Luminaries Drinks/Nibbles (sign-up sheets available—Arlington Registration)





November 2nd

8:00 am–12:00 pm

Registration Pickup (Arlington Foyer)

9:00–10:30 am


Salon VI

Concurrent Session V


Session 16/Papers: Special Libraries

Measurement and Metrics for US Presidential Libraries and Museums
     Wanda Dole, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
     Jack Robertson, Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Assessing the Use of Special Collections: Case Studies from Harvard’s Houghton Library
     Emilie Hardman, Harvard University

Special Collections Assessment Efforts at ARL
     Jackie Dooley, OCLC
     Martha Kyrillidou, Quality Metrics, LLC

 Salon II

Session 17/Papers: Analytics/Value

Graduate in Four Years? Yes, the Library Can Help With That
     Jan Fransen, University of Minnesota
     Kristen Mastel, University of Minnesota
     Shane Nackerud, University of Minnesota
     Kate Peterson, University of Minnesota
     Krista Soria, University of Minnesota

Academic Libraries and Student Retention: The Implication for Higher Education
     Mary O’Kelly, Grand Valley State University

What Do We Want to Know: Completing an Action-Oriented Research Agenda
     Lynn Connaway, OCLC
     Alan Carbery, Champlain College
     Debbie Malone, DeSales University

 Salon V

Session 18/Short Papers: Organizational Issues 4

Using a Social Network Analysis to Inform Library Communication Patterns
     Holt Zaugg, Brigham Young University

So You Developed the Framework for Liaison Work: What’s Next?
     Yelena Luckert, University of Maryland

Reskilling for the Digital Humanities: Assessing Outcomes of the “Developing Librarian” Program
     John Tofanelli, Columbia University in the City of New York
     Nisa Bakkalbasi, Columbia University in the City of New
     Barbara Rockenbach, Columbia University in the City of New York

A Comparison Study of the Perceptions, Expectations, and Behaviors of Library Employers on Job Negotiations as Hiring Employers and as Job Seekers
     Leo Lo, University of Alabama
     Jason Reed, Kansas State University

Building Library-Wide Engagement in Assessment
     Beth Martin, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
     Anne Cooper Moore, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
     Rachael Winterling, University of North Carolina at

Writing the Library’s Story, Three Outcomes at a Time
     Luke Vilelle, Hollins University

 Salon III

Session 19/Papers: Services 1

Supporting Parents in Early Literacy through Libraries (SPELL): An Assessment of a Multi-Site Public Library Project
     Linda Hofschire, Colorado State Library

Delighting Our Customers: Building Services Collaboratively with Learners at a Distance
     Sam Dick, The Open University
     Selena Killick, The Open University

Evaluating from Arm’s Length: Assessing Services Provided by a Library Consortium
     Sabina Pagotto, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of
     University Libraries
     Kathryn Barrett, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of
     University Libraries
     Katya Pereyaslavska, Scholars Portal, Ontario Council of University    

10:30–11:00 am



11:00 am–12:30 pm

Salon II

Concurrent Session VI


Session 20/Short Papers: Data

What Do We Collect and Why? Using a Self-Study to Improve Data Collection Practices
     Summer Durrant, University of Mary Washington
     Suzanne Chase, University of Mary Washington

Using a Tool to Build a Culture of Assessment: The Data Framework
     Starr Hoffman, University of Nevada-Las Vegas
     Ashley Hernandez-Hall, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

All Your Data Displayed in One Place: Preliminary Research and Planning for a Library Assessment Dashboard and Toolkit
     Frankie Wilson, University of Oxford
     William Garrity, University of California, Davis
     Megan Hurst, Athenaeum21
     Wolfram Horstmann, Göttingen State and University Library
     Christine Madsen, Athenaeum21
     Mackenzie Smith, University of California, Davis

Getting Vizzy with It: Data Visualization in Support of Assessment, Planning, and Communication
     Ebony Magnus, SAIT Polytechnic

Do We Collect That Information and If So, How Can I Access It? Designing a Statistics Depository
     Michael Perry, Northwestern University Library
     Gina Petersen, Northwestern University Library

The Power of Performance: Outcome Measurement in Modern Times
     Denise Davis, Sacramento Public Library
     Emily Plagman, Public Library Association

Showcasing Faculty Research with Elements and Tableau
     Gabrielle Wiersma, University of Colorado, Boulder
     Matt Ramey, University of Colorado, Boulder

 Salon VI

Session 21/Papers: Learning 3

Assessing International Students in the Library Instruction Classroom
     Susan Avery, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
     Kirsten Feist, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Developing a Practical Framework for Information Literacy Program Evaluation
     Paul Bracke, Gonzaga University
     Clarence Maybee, Purdue University
     Sharon Weiner, Purdue University

Assessing Student Learning: A Rubric-Based “E-Portfolio” Approach to Longitudinal Assessment of Information Literacy
     Alan Carbery, Champlain College

 Salon III

Session 22/Short Papers: Services 2

Usability Study of Database Accessibility for Students Who Use Screen Readers
     Nicole Campbell, Washington State University Vancouver
     Sue Phelps, Washington State University Vancouver

Beyond Data Management: Designing User-Driven Data Services at UCSF Library
     Ariel Deardorff, University of California San Francisco
     Jim Munson, University of California San Francisco

OBILLSK: Using Predictive Analytics to Anticipate Interlibrary Loans
     Ryan Litsey, Texas Tech University
     Scott Luker, Texas Tech University
     Weston Mauldin, Texas Tech University
     Kenny Ketner, Texas Tech University

Evaluating Reference Consults in the Academic Library
     Alison J. Moore, Simon Fraser University
     Lorie A. Kloda, Concordia University

Tracking for Outreach: Using Data for Cross-Unit Purposes
     Heidi Gauder, University of Dayton
     Hector Escobar, University of Dayton

 Salon V

Session 23/Short Papers: Space 3

A Factor Analysis Approach to Persona Development Using Survey Data
     Hae Min Kim, Drexel University
     John Wiggins, Drexel University

Assessing to Transform an Aging Learning Commons: Leveraging Multiple Methods to Create a Holistic Picture of Student Needs
     Jessica Adamick, University of Massachusetts Amherst
     Sarah Hutton, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Consulting Detectives: How One Library Deduced the Effectiveness of Its Consultation Area & Services
     Camille Andrews, Cornell University
     Tobi Hines, Cornell University

It’s All About the Learning: What Students Say About Their Learning in Informal Learning Spaces in the Library
     Susan Beatty, University of Calgary

Public Workstation Use: Visualizing Occupancy Rates
     Jeremy Buhler, University of British Columbia

Library Snapshot Day, or the 5 Ws—Who, What, When, Where, and Why Are Students Using Academic Library Space: A Method for Library User Experience Assessment
     Gricel Dominguez, Florida International University
     Genevieve Diamond, Florida International University
     Enrique Caboverde, Florida International University
     Denisse Solis, Florida International University

Advancing Campus Priorities Through Informed Space Reallocations
     Bob Fox, University of Louisville
     Bruce Keisling, University of Louisville

12:30–1:30 pm

Salons III & IV


Boxed Lunch


1:30–3:00 pm

Salons III & IV

Plenary Session 3

     Library Assessment Career Achievement Awards—Neal Kaske, Stephen

     Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Library Assessment

     Conference Adjourns


3:30–6:00 pm

Salons III & IV


ARL Members Assessment Meeting



Leaders & Luminaries Drinks/Nibbles (sign-up sheets available—Arlington Registration)




November 3rd


9:00 am–12:30 pm

Salon II


Learning Analytics, Academic Libraries, and Institutional Context: Getting Started, Gaining Traction, Going Forward

     Leader: Megan Oakleaf (iSchool, Syracuse University)


Salon V



Library Spaces: Approaches to Needs Assessment and Post-Occupancy Assessment

     Leaders: Kim Duckett (Duke University) and Joan
     Lippincott (CNI)


Salon VI



How to Use Altmetrics Data from the Social Web to Evaluate Collections, Boost Institutional Repositories, and Support Researchers at Your Institution

     Leaders: Rachel Borchardt (American University) and Stacy
     Konkiel (Altmetric)